( Top 24 ) Famous Survivalists

Most people will never be in a major SHTF situation, as life in our modern age is fairly comfortable. We live in a very complex society and we have learned to rely on each other to fulfill all our needs, …

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Best Bug Out Vehicle For EMP ( Top 26 )

best bug out vehicle for emp

In today’s world, we are dependent on modern electronics, without them, we would be back in the stone age. Relying on technology is a two-edged sword, on one side it makes our lives much easier but on the other, it …

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Why Prepping Is Pointless ( Or is it? )

There is a lot of misinformation about prepping, some think it is pointless while others take it way too far and hoard as much stuff as they can. The truth is that at some level everybody is a prepper, some …

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