EDC For Women ( Top 24 Items )

Even if you are not a prepper or a survivalist, odds are that you still have an EDC bag or purse. EDC stands for Everyday Carry,  which basically means that you have everything you would need for everyday use, even …

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Preppers Uses For Duct Tape ( Top 44 Uses )

Something as simple as duct tape might end up saving your life one day, every prepper should have duct tape in their bug out bag, no matter what kind of SHTF situation you are prepping. Most people do not think …

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( Top 44 ) Overlooked Survival Items

There are a lot of overlooked survival items, and odds are that for the most part, you didn’t even think about them. The problem with a lot of survival items is that you will only notice that they are missing …

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Best Premade Bug Out Bag ( Top 21 )

best premade bug out bag

The first 72 hours in any emergency situation are the most dangerous ones, most people who are not prepared will have a fairly difficult time, but even a small, cheap premade survival bag will contain everything that you need to …

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( Top 19 ) Alternatives To Sleeping Bags

Alternatives to Sleeping Bags

No matter if you are hiking or prepping, you will still need a sleeping bag, especially if you will be spending some nights below the stars. Sleeping bags do come with some limitations, like limiting your movement while you sleep …

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