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9 everyday carry items urban {must haves}

Today we are going through some of the everyday carry items for an urban environment, I call it EDC gear altho it is not all on person carry but is all readily accessible. A couple of these items I keep in my vehicle, hopefully, today I can provide you with some useful information to help you round out your everyday carry kit.

You will never know when the SHTF moment comes and in my opinion, safety should be your first concern especially if you have to bug out into a remote location. My recommendation is to get a Bear spray as this is the best nonlethal option to scare off animals. Click here to check price on Amazon.com

Mostly I will address everyday carry items which you can carry on your person and does not require a bag, as in the case of an emergency you should have your bug out bag nearby.

First of all let us address weapons, in most countries you are not allowed either to own or to carry a weapon. If you live in the USA or some other country where you are allowed to carry and own a gun this should be the first item in your EDC list, just make sure that you have all the permits necessary so you don’t get in trouble. No point in getting carried away with an emergency situation especially if you break the law as you could find yourself in a false emergency end up in jail because you panicked.

Paracord belt for the manliest of mans

One of the most overlooked survival items that absolutely every prepper should have with them 24/7 is a survival belt made of paracord. There are several types of paracord belts you can get, try out a few and see which one fits your needs. Make sure you get one which not only fits you but also combines a lot of tools into a small area.

Tactical khaki pants

Tactical khaki pants bring a lot of versatility on what and how you can carry with you and also acts as camouflage in urban areas as it doesn’t pop out as much as other colors. Almost all items in this list fits in the pants or on the outside of it. These pants combined with the paracord belts have the ability to carry a lot of weight but keep in mind not to stuff ur pants so much that you have trouble running as these pants can be very baggy and having a big keychain in your pocket might ending up hitting other valuable areas, now imagine urself running with your hands down your pants.

Don’t forget your wallet

The only real survival and defensive application of this aside from the minimalist and accessibility factor is the RFID blocking capability of a survivers wallet. Usually, these come in plastic or metal casing, don’t allow you to stuff it with to much stuff just the bare essentials, a couple of cards and some money.  Highly durable and water resistant, if you can get your hands on one of these wallets which also has RFID blocking capability go for it as thugs won’t be able to scan your cards with this wallet.

Pepper spray for a quick getaway

Pepper should be with you at all times in the case you might be attacked either by people or by animals, a quick spray of this and will make anybody back off. Do keep in mind the legality of having a pepper spray as in some countries you might be able to own it but can’t use it in self-defense against another human, so make sure to check your local laws on it.

Depending on the area where you live if you can carry pepper spray with you but not use it in self-defense against people if the police ask you why you have it with you just say its to protect yourself against wild animals.

Doesn’t even matter if you have large animals in your area. Pepper spray isn’t a weapon but it is better than nothing if you are facing multiple assailants you can diminish their capability to attack you.

Smart Phone

You probably already everyday carry your smartphone with you, most people think of it as a way to communicate in an emergency situation but there are much more things for which you can use your phone in an emergency situation.

  1. Navigation GPS
  2. Optics
  3. Lighting
  4. Information
  5. Communication
  6. Audio, video recording
  7. Planning
  8. Thermometer
  9. Barometer
  10. Compass
  11. Gyroscope
  12. Morse code signaling with its light
  13. Ebooks
  14. Photography
  15. Measurements
  16. Calculations
  17. Inventory
  18. Weather
  19. Alarm
  20. Scheduling
  21. Celestial data for navigation
  22. Maps

There are all kinds of valuable info you can store on your phone especially survival guides so delete all those nudes and start saving useful information. Even if you don’t have internet and have visited a site before you can still access the site as your phone will keep a cache of it.

Light the way

Grab yourself a small and compact flashlight if you can afford to get a tactical flashlight as these usually have a high lumens count. The problem with flashlights is that these get better every year and as technology improves you will get double the power for half amount of money.

Dear diary

Get yourself a good sturdy pen if you have the means get yourself a tactical pen as these are heavy duty and durable pens and at the same time to the untrained eye it looks like an ordinary pen. Some of these tactical pens are so durable that you can even use them in self-defense, now don’t go out hunting deer with it but you could “poke” your aggressor. Also next to the tip of these tactical pens there is a small metal point, this can be used to break windows just make sure the writing point of the pen is not out while you breaking the glass.

Tactical pens don’t go for cheap especially the multitool ones so check them out and think on what you can use it before you buy.

Swiss army knife

If you are in your mid 30’s you probably already had one of these at one point in your life, probably gifted buy your uncle or grandfather. The Swiss army knife is a multi-tool from knives to scissors to even fire starting flints on some of them, they are very durable and made of stainless steel. Small enough to fill into your coin pocket, the coin pocket is the small pocket in your regular pocket.

No junk on your keychain

Try to keep your keychain as simple as possible make sure that the keys that are on it you actually use and are not some useless weight. In addition to your keys make sure you have a whistle, steel flint and small flashlight on it.

In conclusion, your everyday carry items for urban is not that big as if you would be in a rural area as you have better access to more items in urban areas. Make sure you check your local laws as if you can or can not own a weapon or pepper spray. In the case of an emergency always have a  goal on where you are going.

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