How to protect your business from looters ( In 13 Easy Steps )

Only a couple of years ago the threat of business being looted was fairly low, today however in some areas of the country looting can be a massive problem. We have all see businesses boarded up in major cities, although this is one type of preventing looters from entering a business but this won’t stop most of them.  As a business owner getting your business looted or simply destroyed will be a financial nightmare.

You can protect your business from looters by closing the business before a protest, removing valuable items from your business, putting up a local business sign, boarding up your business, having insurance against theft and looting, installing window bars, covering the windows from inside, covering the business sign, installing unbreakable windows, installing HQ security cameras, having proof that your business has been looted for the insurance company, moving your business online and by not facing the looters.

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Big businesses have little to no problem absorbing the cost of a couple of their businesses being looted, although this can not be said for small and local businesses that often live month by month. Even at the best of times, most small businesses will struggle in the first couple of years, today however due to the global economic situation most businesses will have to make drastic reductions of costs in order to stay afloat.

Generally speaking, all businesses should have insurance against looting, property damage, and so on, but if your business is in an area where looting has happened in the past then your insurance will cost you a lot of money. This is why a  lot of small business owners get either the cheapest insurance or they simply do not have any insurance, as every expense is making the business less profitable and for the most part new business will operate at a loss in the first couple of years.

Protecting any business from looter is not an easy task, especially if your monthly income is at stake and several employees depend on your business. Sooner or later you will have to make some tough decisions in order to protect your business and the first one will be to close down your business before the looters appear. If your area is not safe then you should consider a bug-out location, for more information check out my recent article Bug out location ( Top 16 Things To Know ).

Close the business before a protest

For the most part, protests are peaceful, the problem is that a lot of people will take advantage of the situation and they will start looting. It only takes a couple of people to start looting and more and more people will think that it is a free for all. If there is a protest about to happen then you need to close down your business as soon as possible, the last thing you want is for the looters to see you board up your business.

Most areas of the country have social media groups, which you should definitely follow, and once you notice that a protest is going to take place go and board up your business. In addition to this, you can also follow the news for more information. The problem with the news and social media is that they often tend to exaggerate, so you will have to judge the situation yourself. If you are wondering which states are the best for preppers then check out my recent article Best states for preppers ( Top 15 ).

Remove valuable items from your business

No matter what kind of business you have if it gets targeted by looters they will take anything they can get their hands on. Generally speaking, looters will go after the most expensive items, so if you have a couple of extremely expensive items then you probably should store them in another location until things blow off. For example, if you have a small T-shirt printing business then you should get the printers in a safe location.

Looters will mostly take stuff that is easy to carry and expensive, so larger items in your business that can not be carried will most likely not be stolen. If you have a couple of large and expensive items then you can bolt them to the floor and this way they will not be stolen. Just keep in mind that if it can not be looted there is no guarantee that the items will not be damaged. If you are new to prepping then check out my recent article How to start prepping in 12 Steps ( Prepping for Beginners ).

Put up a local business sign

You should definitely place a local business sign or a family-owned business sign on your windows or doors, and this should be visible all the time. Larger businesses tend to be more prone to being looted as they have a lot more valuable stuff, and for the most part, looters will stay away from local businesses. On the other hand, if there are no large businesses in the area they might target local businesses as well.

Board up your business

Small and large business alike will board up their business as this is the first line of preventing looters from accessing the business. However, this is not that effective as it used to be, as all businesses are boarded up most looters will be prepared to take the boards down fairly easily. Boarding up a business is a simple deterrent and not a full-proof way of securing a business from looters.

The boarding up process should be done as fast as possible, ideally before the protests or the civil unrest starts. Even if there will be no looters there will still be some people who just want top vandalize things, and something as simple as a small rock can destroying all your windows which will cost you a lot of money.

Have insurance against theft and looting

If you live in an area where looting is fairly common with every protest then you will need to have insurance against theft and looting. Depending on which insurance company you choose you will end up spending a lot of money on it, on the other hand, if your business gets vandalized or looted you will be able to recuperate most of your losses. One thing that most business owners do not consider is how long it takes to get paid by some insurance companies.

Businesses that can not afford to be closed for a couple of months will have a massive problem if they get looted or vandalized even if they have insurance, and sometimes the money simply comes way too late for the business to be viable again. In case there are clear signs that a recession is coming then check out my recent article What to buy before a recession ( Top 14 Items ).

Install window bars

In some areas of the country, it is vital to have window bars, although these will not stop from your windows being broken but they will stop the looters. Just make sure that the window bars do not have a padlock system as these can be easily destroyed making the window bars completely useless. The window bars should not consist of only vertical metal bars, but a couple of horizontal bars as well this way they will not be able to be pried open with force.

Cover the windows from the inside

The main reason why you should cover the windows from inside is to not let people see what is in your business or shop. Most looters will target a business because they see some potentially expensive loot, and even if they do not know what they are looting if it looks expensive they will take it. Even if you board up your business you should still cover the windows from the inside to limit visibility.

Cover the business sign

Depending on what type of business you have you should think of covering up the business sign as well. If you have a small grocery store then there is no need to do that, but if you have a store that has a lot of expensive items like an electronics shop then you should definitely cower the business sign. If you have an illuminated sign and you do not have the possibility or the time to cover it then just turn off the sign’s illumination.

Install unbreakable windows

There are types of windows that can not even be broken with a sledgehammer, usually, these are made of a type of plastic and not of actual glass. These types of unbreakable windows are excellent for absorbing shock, and they will simply be unbreakable for the most part. These types of windows tend to be fairly expensive, although if you calculate the cost of your business being looted and trashed they are well worth the money.

Install HQ security cameras

Every business should have a couple of security cameras although most business owners tend to use the cheapest ones to cut costs. You will need high-quality security cameras, in this way you will be able to have a much clearer image. In addition to this, you should also use a cloud service that saves the security cameras footage directly onto the cloud rather than on a disk which is at the business. You should also think of getting cameras that work in the dark as well.

Have proof that your business has been looted for the insurance company

Most insurance companies will require proof that your business has been looted, this way they can easily assess the damage and you will get your money back sooner. This is why it is extremely important to have high-quality security cameras as well. Just keep in mind that if local law enforcement has damaged your business then the insurance will probably not cover the costs, although you should definitely ask your insurance company.

Move your business online

If you have the possibility then you should move your business online, this way you do not have to worry about the looters at all. In addition to this, you will also be able to reach a wider audience and you will not have to pay for renting a place.

Do not face the looters

Whatever you do, do not face the looters, no matter how much you have invested or worked on your business it is not worth going to jail for it or even worse. Even if you are allowed to defend your property you could still get in trouble or portrayed like a monster by the media, and at that point, you can say goodbye to your business. You can always rebuild your business, but if end up in jail or hurt then you are just making things more difficult for yourself. If the looting is due to an imminent war scenario then check out my recent article How to prepare for war as a civilian? ( In 8 Steps ).

In conclusion

As you can see there are a couple of steps which you can take in order to protect your business, some of them will need a significant investment but anything is better than having your business looted and trashed.