( Top 44 ) Overlooked Survival Items

There are a lot of overlooked survival items, and odds are that for the most part, you didn’t even think about them. The problem with a lot of survival items is that you will only notice that they are missing …

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Can you eat moss? ( Top 8 Edible Mosses )

A lot of people confuse moss and liches, but the truth is that both of them are very different. Basically, moss is a plant, and they use photosynthesis to survive, just like any other plant mosses convert sunlight into energy. …

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Does charcoal go bad? ( Fact or Fiction? )

Does charcoal go bad

A lot of people get confused and think that charcoal has an expiration date, mostly because some charcoal bags do contain an expiration date, but this is not because the charcoal will expire but because they are required to put …

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