signs of a declining civilization

Signs of a declining civilization ( Age of Decadence )

Signs of a declining civilization: Most historians and scientists agree that we are in the last stage of a declining civilization which is the age of decadence. The signs of a declining civilization are politicians representing themselves, the rise of autocracy, worthless money, destruction of the family core, declining population, decadence trough porn, and social media, mass stupidity and celebrity chefs.

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Signs of a declining civilization

Believe it or not, our civilization is at the end of a golden era, and it is rapidly declining. Same as the Roman empire has declined before us so our modern civilization will do, prompting a new dark age. The declining of civilization is inevitable, as this is a cyclical event, sooner or later it will happen. Some people may claim that there is no possibility that our civilization is declining as we have powerful technologies which will prevent it.

The Roman Empire was also the richest and most technologically advanced civilization in its era, still, this didn’t prevent it from falling. While the USA is not an empire in its traditional form it is as politicians would say too big to fail, although once the US falls there would be no bailouts as it most likely would drag the entire world into a new dark age. The decline of any civilization takes a long time, most people don’t even notice it happening, all they see is that things are getting worse year by year.

Each and every civilization will have the same fate, it is just a matter of time. While we do see signs of a declining civilization through the western world there are civilizations which have just started the age of commerce and affluence, most of these countries are 3rd world countries. Eventually, 3rd world countries would rise up after the western civilizations fall apart, making the western civilizations 3rd world countries.

I have recently written an article about 8 most likely crisis scenario examples, and each of these scenarios could potentially end an entire civilization.

A civilization or empire has 6 life stages:

  1. Age of pioneers and explorers
  2. Age of conquests for new land and resources
  3. Age of commerce
  4. Age of affluence
  5. Age of intellect
  6. Age of decadence, this is where we are currently

what are the signs of a declining civilization

Politicians representing their interests

There was an age where being a politician actually meant that you are representing the common interest of the people. However only big companies have the necessary money to “sponsor” these politicians, and they sponsor them so they can represent the companies interests. After pocketing all the money more or less legally all they have to do is to convince you to vote for them, and there is no limit on how much they will lie to get it.

There is no negative effect in lying to get your vote, for the individual politician once he gets your vote he is set up for life. A front seat for the scraps remaining from the true rulers of the country. Generally, politicians are very well off financially, most of them didn’t do an honest day of work and in most of the cases, they have no clue of the difficulties of the people who they are representing. There is a huge difference between fact and fiction, facts matter to people while fiction is on what modern politicians focus on.

Rise of autocracy

Common people are simply fed up with politicians constantly lying and not representing them, this is why some countries turn towards powerful leaders. Most of these have radical views on certain aspects of how they should govern the country, and they get allected in times of need. While you might say this could never happen in a democracy it already has happened in the past and it will happen in the future.

Most of these autocratic leaders do obey the local democratic laws and they do not have unlimited power, however, they often bend the laws in their favor. One common aspect among autocratic leaders beeing allected democratically is that generally these are the only ones that address peoples problems and generally they will have a radical solution for it. You probably do not know but Hitler was also elected democratically, he created millions of jobs in a country where unemployment was sky high after world war 1, and people have felt backstabbed by their own leaders once the German forces capitulated in 1918.

Most of these jobs were creating assets for the German military machine, without these new jobs Germany would have struggled for decades in a recession. Politicians who focus on problems which do not reflect on the problems of the majority like diversity quotas, equal representation in the media and similar BS, while there is a crime wave going through an entire country. The politician who identifies and offers a solution no matter how radical will allways win.

The most recent case of this happened in the Philippines where there is or I should rather say a massive drug-related violence problem. President Rodrigo Duterte during his political campaign came with a simple solution, kill all drug dealers. He eventually won his campaign and he kept his promise, there have been thousands of murdered people most of them drug dealers but some innocent casualties also occurred.

Keep in mind that even before Duterte was elected he openly confessed in murdering suspects. A similar thing happened when Trump has been allected, the people had less buying power and most of them were in debt, Trump identified a cause and offered a solution with his famous line “build a wall”. Although the lack of jobs and the low buying power of the Americans were most likely affected by massive companies avoiding paying taxes and the automation of most manual jobs.

signs of a culture in decline

Worthless money

Since they have removed the golden standard from money, there is only a perception of value which comes from everybody using it. Most of the modern day’s money is in electronic format, while most money is worthless the USD has most of its value coming from countries trading oil using the US currency, this is why sometimes it is also called the Petrodollar. College students are especially hit hard with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt right after they leave college in pursuit of a mostly worthless degree like in gender studies.

Only 20 years ago people could afford to buy a house with a bank loan, today most people struggle to pay for the monthly rent and utility bills. We are at exactly the same place where the Roman empire was during its last decades, the Roman empire used silver coins during its hay day, but as the ruling class became more and more corrupted so did the money. From silver they changed to copper coins washed in silver, looking like a silver coin but after years of circulation the silver would come off and people would see it was a copper coin all along.

Usually as the worth of the money is ever declining it will eventually cause a collapse or a bubble to burst if you need more information on how to prepare for this I have written an article on the subject Preparations for economic collapse.

Destruction of the family core

During the past several years there has been a war on core family values which eventually will lead to the decline of civilization as we know it. It is increasingly risky for a man to marry and have children, as around 50% of marriages end up in a divorce. If two people do not get along anymore, separation is a good idea, the problem is that man has a lot to lose in a divorce, from half of his money to paying alimony 18 years for his child which he will be at the mercy of a court on when and for how long he can see his own child.

This is especially problematic for rich men, who are preyed upon by the gold-digging generation. This generation of gold diggers only goal is to make a child to a rich man so he has to pay alimony for the child, there are even cases where women are selling positive birth tets on craigslist. In addition to this movement like the #MeeToo movements are extremely dangerous for any man which works in close proximity with a woman due to sexual harassment lawsuits.

Currently, there are more women attending college than man and with higher grades, most men opt out of college and even of working. They do this mainly because it is a women-centric environment and man can not behave like man, the ones who get accustomed to this lifestyle are more or less behaving like actual women.

Declining population across the west

One of the signs of a declining civilization is that the inhabitants of a country are reproducing at a much slower rate than 3rd world countries. Governments try to entice emigrants to these countries with whatever they can, usually, these emigrants live on social welfare and do not contribute to the country’s economy at all. Although most governments claim that they need as many emigrants as possible due to the shortage of the workforce.

Although most of these emigrants come from 3rd world countries, some of them can’t even write or read on their own language, how could anybody play them without any basic skills or willingness to work. The sad truth is that thee people are not here to work, rather than to replace the native population by producing as many children as possible, which will be the future generation which will actually work.

Governments should rather incentivize the reproduction of the native population, but this would mean radical changes in the justice and legal departments regarding divorce, alimony and who has the right to raise a child in case of a divorce.

decline of civilization stages

Mass stupidity

We live in the most prosperous time for humanity, our technology has come so far that we no longer need to worry about basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. Nowadays most people take everything for granted, and few of them know the joy of a hard day at work. With the current culture of giving prises and celebrating people who lost in a race, what is the point of being first if you all get the same trophy and congratulations?

We live in an age where students think that communism is a viable form of government like everybody would have a good job, nice house, car and so on. But history has taught us that communism doesn’t work in the long run, everybody will be dirt poor except the ruling class. I come from a former communist country, during that era once you got married you got a small apartment from the government, what people do not tell you is that everything was rationed like in a wartime situation.

Electricity for 4 hrs a day, hot water 2 hours in the morning, 10 eggs per month for each family no matter how big or small. You could only dream about meat unless you knew somebody who was stealing meat for a living, or you were a high ranking official. Even this day when I smell an orange I think it is Christmas because that was all that we could afford for Christmas and this comes from a family where both parents were doctors.

Although Christian holidays were banned during the communist era, people still celebrated it in secret. Good old Christmas miracles during the communist era where every year somebody would snitch on a neighbor celebrating Christmas and the secret police would drag the entire family away. A couple of weeks later we would get new neighbors and nobody from the neighborhood would dare to ask any questions of what happened to the family that has been dragged away.

The decadence tough porn and social media

This is the hunt for dopamine, like junkies people post on facebook, or watch porn for instant gratification. This has created a generation where people rather than living their real life and enjoying it, they are looking for validation from strangers on the internet for fake internet points. Generally speaking, most women are addicted to social media, and you can see this how they behave in real life, feeling entitled and triggered if somebody doesn’t agree with them, grown women acting like 5-year-olds.

Man, on the other hand, turn to porn for instant gratification, seeing hundreds of naked women in a few days, making their primitive brain thinking they have hit the genetic lottery with so many naked women. And yet when they come across a real woman they wonder why they can not perform. In both males and females, this decadence affects their life and in most cases, they don’t even notice it.

What is the point in doing the dishes, cleaning your home, or work on your career or on your dream when you can get the same dopamine by simply posting a photoshopped photo of yourself for likes? We live in an age where people think it cool to have depression and anxiety, although nobody would lift a finger to help themselves.

Governments and politicians would do anything from distracting us from the important matters. During the Roman empire the leaders were distracting the population with gladiatorial events, today we have facebook, Hollywood, reality tv, news, sports, and porn.

how will western civilization collapse

Celebrity chefs

Have you ever wondered why there are so many cooking shows, making celebrities of the chefs? This is one of the last signs of a declining civilization, the Roman, the Spanish and the Ottoman Empire also made celebrities of their chefs. People nowadays are feeling uninterested and bored towards living a fulfilling life, this is why they try to search for the best of the best in anything. The best chef, the best singer, the best shoes, the best phone and so on, even if they manage to get one of these the feeling of happiness fades away rather quickly.

In conclusion

The signs of a declining civilization are present all around us, we just need to look up from our phone and take a good look at peoples and politicians behavior. Every civilization will come to an end eventually, the legacy which they will leave behind will be a lot altered by the current age of decadence. Although the decline or end of a civilization does not mean that humanity is doomed, it is just one civilization out of hundreds in the world, and a new civilization will rise up to the occasion once the old ones have failed.

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