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17 Zombie apocalypse supplies list {how to use them}

When you are looking around online trying to make important decisions on your zombie apocalypse supplies list many things just seem to be a waste of money. There are all kinds of high tech gear you can buy but if you forget the basics good luck not becoming zombie food, whether you decide to camp out in the mountains or decide to bug in your home fortress there are some items you must own in order to be prepared. 

Having a good reliable flashlight which is hand cranked will last you for a verry long time. My suggestion is to go for one which you can charge by hand cranking but also has the option to charge it with solar power Click here to check price on Amazon.com

Zombie apocalypse supplies list:

  • Bug out bag
  • Hatchet
  • Purification tablets
  • Collapsable water bottles
  • Fire starters
  • Poncho
  • Personal care items
  • Survival paracord bracelet
  • Hand Cranked Flashlight
  • Ducktape
  • Crowbar
  • Video camera
  • Power pot
  • Armor
  • Swiss army knife
  • Firearms

Bug out bag

Depending on how quickly the zombie apocalypse is spreading you may or may not want to leave your home as it is often a topic up for debate. If you are living in the city where the virus spreads quickly you probably want to make a break for it to a rural area, you won’t have a lot of time to pack your bags like you do when you are going on vacation and those small roller cases aren’t going to cut it. The bug out bag is really not supposed to carry enough supplies to live the rest of your life in the woods, the goal here is to carry enough things to make the journey to your next destination on foot or to survive a couple of days in the wilderness till things settle down.

You can also consider this your supply bag in case your zombie apocalypse vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Get a sturdy backpack preferably camouflaged, a simple MOLLE bag should do the trick as this has a lot of storage possibilities in and even outside of it.


Now that you got yourself a survival bag you need a few essential items, a hatchet is going to be an essential tool for every outdoorsman for many different reasons. Obviously, the hatchet makes for a great zombie killing weapon in close combat and for stealth kills. If you are planning on heading on to a forested area the hatched will prove useful for cutting down firewood, building your shelter or even as a self-defense weapon. Hatchets can also be used as hammers once you flip them around.


Depending on where you live a machete will be extremely effective in close combat situations and it can also be used as a tool. If you plan on escaping the city you may be surrounded by tropical jungles with vines and even zombie monkeys trying to eat your brains. If you end up needing to run away a machete will certainly help you clear a path from pesky trees and branches. Machetes are lite, mobile extremely sharp and will easily cut through the flesh of zombies. 

However maintaining them always sharp will be some an issue if you are new. Either way, this is a great item to have, some even have a saw part on the blades upper section which will be useful in building and maintaining a fire. It is usually a good idea to have one machete or a hatchet but both maybe isn’t necessary especially if you are traveling alone.

Purification tablets

The most important resource for humans is water and purifying it will be your highest priority. Don’t be fooled by the fast moving water mith as these also contain parasites and fecal matters, and who knows maybe even a zombie body lying upstream. Iodide tablets will work great and are cheap but there is a strange taste to it. The other more preferred method of purifying water is with Chlorine Dioxide which is not only more effective but it will make the water taste like regular tap water.

Altho Chlorine Dioxide purification will take a longer time of around 4 hours in comparison to the 30 minutes needed to purify water with Iodide. In order to ensure a long time of consistent water purification, a Life Straw is also recommended which can make any nasty water almost taste like bottled water almost instantly just make sure that none of the untreated water gets stuck in the area where you twist the cap.

Collapsable water bottles

Having one of these items might seem a luxury but if you can’t store and transport water efficiently you are in big trouble especially if you have to dash away from mindless zombies. Don’t worry so much about food at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse as water will keep you alive longer. The only problem that a normal water bottle has is that it can take up a lot of space in your backpack and this is why you should get a collapsible water bottle.

While plastic water bottles can do the same thing they are not as durable and can easily be punctured. The collapsible water bottles can be folded up and take up an incredibly small place when water is not stored in them. They are so small that you can even keep them in your pocket.

Fire starters

Fire is very important for cooking and even to boost your morale. Matches, lighters, waterproof matches are never a bad investment but let’s say all of your matches are gone and you have used up all your fule, what would you do in that crisis scenario? The Swedish army firesteel will help you survive in the wilderness and help you start a fire. This instrument instantly creates a spark of around 3000 Celsius, just one of these firesteels will last up to 12k sparks.

Companies that advertise firesteels with around 3k sparks are more efficient in starting a big fire with just one strike, find something that catches on fire easily like a cotton ball dipped in vaseline and use your striker to hit the fire steal and you will get your fire up and running in no time.


Don’t underestimate the simple power of a poncho and what it can do for you. Lightweight and easy to pack these have more porpuses then to just keep you dry if you are creative enough you can use a couple of ponchos to make yourself a tent or shelter in a rainy environment. Keeping things dry is extremely important considering that moisture will lead to fungal and microbiological infections.

Ponchos are utilised by the military and other survivalists as it is a versatile item that should be kept in your survival kit. These are also made for dogs in case you will bug out with your dog.

Personal care

You should understand that you are not going in a vacation when bugging out but you still need to make an attempt to keep up with your daily hygiene to prevent illness. If you go for a long time without using the following personal care items it can lead to serious problems quickly.

  1. Consider bringing a comb to prevent your hair from knotting and to combat against lice.
  2. Your toothbrush and paste will help you prevent cavities as these will be hard to fix in a zombie apocalypse.
  3. Use soap to fight off disease and keep yourself clean.
  4. Disinfect your hands as often as possible.

Items like above should be kept in your first aid kit along with bandages and disinfectants.

Survival paracord bracelet

Ropes will be even more useful than you could even imagine, you might need to climb up cliffs hang your clothes to dry or even to tie up a hostile trespasser. Imagine being able to store up to 3 meters of sturdy paracord just on your wrist, it only weighs about 20 grams and unravels to nearly 3 meters in length. Paracords will prove to be useful for rock climbing, making shelters, setting up traps and even keeping your supplies above ground to avoid moisture.

It might not be the most sturdy rope that you could use for rock climbing but if it is an emergency you can use them. 

Hand Cranked Flashlight

Battery operated flashlights would, of course, be ideal if you have stocked up in batteries have stored them correctly. Hand-cranked flashlights are praised for their reliability and are always prepared to give light in the dark world you may have to enter. There are no batteries required and all you need to do is to crank it, these are recommended for disaster situations for when the power goes out and for hikers when they go out.

After a good 6 minute crank, it will give you light for at least an hour. These are fairly cheap and should be included in your zombie bug out bag especially if you are running away from zombies late at night.


Ducktape works great for setting up zombie traps and in case one of your friends has been bitten by a zombie and you know there will be a matter of hours till he turns into a zombie and starts to eat you, you might find tying down your friend with ducktape easier than shooting him in the head. This can also be used for securing weak parts of your home, for armor, clothing, repairing equipment.

There are just so many ways to use a ducktape and you never know when you will need it so it is best just to have it.


The crowbar is another essential tool that will be useful in a zombie apocalypse. During your journeys of the wasteland, you might come across a few crates or doors that need to be opened in order to loot the supplies. Crowbars allow you to deconstruct objects and you can even loot the nails if you need them. This simple metal tool is extremely cheap and can be made from various metals.

looting is going to be one of your best ways to gather supplies, and if you are not a professional locksmith a good old crowbar will get the job done. Many talk about the crowbars effectiveness as a zombie weapon as well, some might even modify it with ducktape for extra grip. The hook of the crowbar deals extra damage to the skull which could be lethal to a zombie and could be one of the best weapons to finish off a wounded zombie as one or two swings should do the job.

Video camera

Most electronics won’t be too useful and you will run out of batteries at some point but a video camera can be useful, especially if you are working as a team. If you are able to videotape a zombie, scientists will be able to study it and be able to understand better the symptoms of the zombie virus. You can also learn of better ways to kill or even exterminate them. Other cameras could be useful with the addition of infrared or night vision to help you navigate in the dark.

Power pot

These can generate enough electricity to power charge some of your electronics.


It is not just zombies that you will worry about in a zombie apocalypse as people will also be dangerous especially if they are well armed. If you are able to come across some bulletproof vest during your journey through the apocalyptic world make sure to take it, but as a serious prepper you should already own one of these. You could survive the zombie apocalypse with no armor but having it will be crucial if you consider taking out a well-armed outpost.

Swiss army knife

Any kind of knife will be useful but it won’t always be used as a weapon, knives used as weapons during a zombie apocalypse will place you to close to the infected. Some swiss army knives are equipped with wire cutters that help you clip through chain link fences. They can also contain useful tools such as saw’s and hammers to aid you in constructing your shelter. Don’t forget about the steel serrated blades that will cut through zombie flesh with ease.

Firearms do need a lot of cleaning and ammunition which might make it difficult to maintain, real swiss army knives are made to work in conjunction with a firearm aiding in its cleaning.


We all know the setbacks with firearms in a zombie apocalypse, the noise can attract too many zombies and give away your location but you are a sitting duck without a weapon. Relying only on melee weapons will prove to be a bad choice especially if you find yourself in the middle of a zombie swarm. If you are skilled enough to aim for the head then you have a much higher chance of surviving.

Silencers are also an option if you manage to get them or if you know how to build one. Firearms will also make hunting easy if you find yourself in the woods for a longer period o time and it is a good idea to get something powerful but lightweight.

First get the basic items after which you can customize for your own need with adding more advanced items, this will make increase your likelihood of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

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