Best States For Preppers ( Top 15 )

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There are a lot of individual preppers and prepper communities alike across the country, however, some states are better for preppers than others. No matter how good or bad a state is for prepping there will still be people who manage to be as prepared as they can be. Being a prepper is legal no matter in which state you live, although as you will find out in my article some states make it fairly difficult to be a prepper.

The best states for preppers are Texas, Ohio, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, North Carolina, Maine, Tennessee, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon, and Alabama. When determining how good a state is for preppers you have to take into consideration the population density, cost of living, natural disasters, government regulations, crime rate, and if the local authorities encourage prepping.

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One of the most important factors for a good state for preppers is how high the cost of living is. Generally speaking, you will have a far easier time being a prepper in a state with low living costs than in one that has high living costs. Even if money isn’t a problem for you, but the main idea of prepping is to be self-sufficient, and there are a lot of states which will allow you to get as prepared as you want to be for a lot cheaper than some states.

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Another very important factor when determining how good a state is for preppers is the crime rate, although this rate has to be taken with a grain of salt. Some states have fairly high crime rates, usually, these states have a couple of big cities. Generally speaking, states which have at least one big city will have a higher crime rate, but if you would take out the city from the crime rate equation then the actual crime rate is a lot lower.

Rural areas tend to have the lowest crime rate, and even areas sounding a city can have fairly high crime rates. In the case of an SHTF scenario, the last thing you would want is to find yourself in a high crime rate area, sooner or later people will be looking for stuff to loot, you know, like how some peaceful protests turn into a looting free for all. If you want to live off the grid and you are looking to relocate then check out my recent article Off grid living legal states ( Top 22 ).

Best States For Preppers

When it comes to finding the best states for preppers, several factors come into play. States with a lower population density, ample natural resources, and favorable climates tend to be popular choices. Some states that often rank high on prepper lists include Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. These states offer vast wilderness areas, abundant wildlife for hunting, and opportunities for self-sufficiency. Additionally, states with a strong homesteading culture and favorable firearm laws are often attractive to preppers.

However, the “best” state for prepping ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. It’s important to consider factors such as proximity to family and friends, job opportunities, and local regulations when making a decision.

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1. Texas

One of the best states for preppers is Texas, although at first glance it might not look so good. Texas has several larger cities, which does increase its crime rate, but the cost of living is significantly lower than in other states. The semi-arid climate can be problematic for some people, but if you are used to the climate then you will have little to no problem as a prepper. Another good reason why Texas is a good state for preppers is that it has cheap and plenty of land.

The population density is higher around the cities, but Texas is massive and you will be able to find plenty of land for sale at an extremely low price. As a prepper, you already know that you will need a lot of water, and this can be difficult in a semi-arid climate. In addition to this, Texas is probably one of the best states to generate power with solar panels.

2. Ohio

If you are not a fan of the semi-arid climate then Ohio will be excellent for you. Ohio has a fairly low cost of living, and a low crime rate, which makes it excellent for preppers. You have plenty of options when it comes to growing crops, so you can live self sufficiently without a lot of problems. The main reason why I didn’t put this state on top of the list is because of the growing season. Although you can grow a lot of different crops in Idaho, but the growing season is significantly shorter than in other states, mostly due to the climate. If you want to know more information about how you can live self sufficiently then check out my recent article How to be self sufficient ( In 14 Easy Steps ).

3. Alaska

When most people think of an ideal state for preppers they think of Alaska. This state has plenty of natural resources and a low population density which are good things to have as a prepper. Although this state is extremely good for preppers, but it ain’t for everybody. I was born and raised in Alaska and throughout the years I have seen plenty of people moving to this state and moving out after the first year.

If you have lived most of your life in the northern parts of the country, then you shouldn’t have any issues with the local climate. The main problem in Alaska is the short growing season and this is why a lot of preppers tend to hunt and fish in this state, as they can not rely only on their crops. Alaska is an excellent state if you want to live in an off grid cabin, for more information check out my recent article ( Top 60 ) Off grid cabin essentials.

4. Idaho

There are a lot of new preppers moving to this state, so in a couple of years, the housing market will be a bit more expensive. This state has everything that you need as a prepper, and its only significant problem for some people is the local climate. You can grow plenty of crops here, but due to the geographical location, the climate tends to be fairly cold, which means that the growing period is shorter. If you are fairly new to prepping then I highly recommend you check out my recent article How to start prepping in 12 Steps ( Prepping for Beginners ).

5. Montana

Montana is very similar to Idaho when it comes to preppers, the main difference is that the climate is even colder than in Idaho. In addition to this, you are limited to a couple of different types of crops to grow, as the growing period tends to be even shorter than in Idaho. One of the main reasons why this state is excellent for preppers is because it has a low population density, and this also comes with a low cost of property.

6. Colorado

Colorado has plenty of natural resources, and this is also a good state for bugging out as well. There are several prepping communities in Colorado and for the most part, you will have no problems as a prepper in this state. Although Colorado is not for every prepper, the main problem with this state is that the cost of living and the taxes tend to be fairly high. Most preppers who are in Colorado have been born and raised in that state, and not a lot of preppers move here due to the high cost of living. If you are interested in off grid TV shows then check out my recent article ( Top 29 ) Best off grid tv shows.

7. North Carolina

North Carolina is quickly becoming a prepper’s paradise, and as long as you keep away from tourist locations you should have no problem as a prepper. The biggest draw for preppers is North Carolina’s low cost of living which makes it a lot easier to stockpile food. In addition to this, North Carolina also has a low cost of property, which is a big factor in most preppers’ eyes. The one drawback of North Carolina is the natural disaster, as this state is prone to having a lot of them.

8. Maine

As you have probably noticed, most of the northern states are excellent for preppers, and this is the same case for Maine as well. There is not a lot of bad things you can say about Maine, except the harsh climate. Other than that the population density and the cost of living are fairly low, although the cost of living has been steadily rising in recent years. Maine has plenty of natural resources and water, although as with most northern states, you do have a limited growing period, so a greenhouse is a must.

9. Tennessee

If you take a look at the crime rate statistics of Tennessee then you might think that this is not a good state for preppers. The truth is that there are only a couple of areas with a high crime rate and the vast majority of the state has either the same crime rate as the national average or even lower. The main reason why a lot of preppers are moving to Tennessee is that it is cheap, and by cheap I mean it is well below the national average, both in terms of cost of living and cost of property.

10. North Dakota

North Dakota is an excellent state for preppers, and a lot of preppers live in this state. Prepping in North Dakota is a way of life, due to the harsh winters most people prepare for the winter during the summer. The population density is fairly low, and you have plenty of options when it comes to hunting and fishing. In addition to this, the cost of living and the cost of property is well below the national average. The only drawback in this state is the limited growing period.

11. West Virginia

West Virginia has plenty of natural resources, which is a must for every good prepper state. The main reason why there are so many preppers in this state is that the cost of living and the cost of property is significantly lower than in the surrounding states. When it comes to growing crops you have plenty of options and the growing period is fairly long. One downside of this state is the high unemployment rate, and in some areas of the state, this also leads to a high crime rate.

12. Missouri

The main reason why Missouri is extremely good for preppers is due to agriculture. There are a lot of crops that can be grown in this state and the land is fairly fertile. The local climate is fairly mild and it is extremely good for growing crops. On the other hand, there are two main drawbacks to this state, bad health and education system. In addition to this, some areas can have fairly high unemployment and crime rates.

13. Minnesota

Minnesota has a lot of lakes and rivers in addition to plenty of other natural resources. As a prepper, you can easily live off the land in this state, and due to the low population density, you will have no problem finding cheap land. The cost of living is also significantly lower than the national average which is a big plus. The main problem with this state is the same as with any other northern state, a short growing period.

14. Oregon

If you are looking for a good state for preppers on the west coast then Oregon should be on the top of your list. The climate is fairly mild and there are plenty of natural resources, in addition to this, there are a lot of preppers and prepper communities in this area. The problem with Oregon is that a lot of people are moving to this state from California, although the cost of living and the cost of the property is still affordable, but they are slowly rising due to this influx of people coming from California.

15. Alabama

If you are not from Alabama then you probably do not know that there are a lot of preppers in this state. Alabama has virtually everything which you need as a prepper, a low cost of living, a low cost of property, a long growing period, and plenty of fresh water. With that being said this state does have a couple of problems, not just for preppers but for the general population as well, like the bad educational and healthcare system.

Key Takeaways

  • The best states for preppers are generally those with favorable climates, low population density, access to natural resources, and a culture of self-sufficiency.
  • Some commonly mentioned states for preppers include Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Texas, due to their abundance of land, natural resources, and less restrictive regulations.
  • However, the best state for prepping ultimately depends on individual preferences, resources, and specific needs, so it is important to research and assess factors such as local laws, infrastructure, community support, and personal safety before choosing a location.