Easiest Crops To Grow ( Top 20 )

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If you are planning to make a small garden then it is a good idea to start with the easiest crops to grow. A lot of people tend to jump straight to crops that are the most nutritious, but generally speaking, the more nutritious a crop is the harder it will be to grow. Most people who go all-in with gardening and hope that they can live off their garden crops in just a couple of months usually tend to fail.

Although gardening is not that hard, but it definitely does have its learning curve. What a lot of people tend to forget is that every garden is different, due to its soil composition, local weather, climate, and several other variables. Some people have a far easier time growing a specific crop than others, and no matter what kind of crops you want to grow you will have to take care of them to the best of your abilities.

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With some experience, you will be able to easily grow a lot of different types of crops, but you have to see what works for you. If you are a complete beginner then start out small, this way you can tend to your crops a lot easier. Keep in mind that even if you grow crops that are generally considered easy to grow, you will still have some of the crops go bad, and this is just a part of the learning experience.

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As a general rule if you are new to gardening then you should use starter plants for most of your crops, there are some crops that you have to grow from seed so you should inform yourself when you should make the seeds germinate. If you are planning to buy starter plants, then make sure that they are being sold in an open environment and not in a synthetic environment such as the interior of a building, as these will most likely fail after a couple of weeks of planting. If you want to stockpile some foods which have a long shelf life, then check out my recent article Food that last for 25 years ( Top 37 ).

Easiest Crops To Grow

If you’re new to gardening or looking for easy-to-grow crops, there are several options that are beginner-friendly and require minimal effort. One of the easiest crops to grow is lettuce, as it grows quickly and tolerates a variety of growing conditions. Radishes are also great for beginners, as they germinate and grow rapidly.

Another simple crop is green beans, which are resilient and produce a bountiful harvest. Additionally, herbs like basil and mint are relatively low-maintenance and can be grown in small spaces. Lastly, zucchini and tomatoes are popular choices for novice gardeners due to their vigorous growth and abundant yields.

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By far one of the easiest crops to grow is tomatoes, most beginner gardeners start out with them as well. Once you have planted the tomatoes, you can expect them to produce tomatoes in a couple of months. In some cases tomato plants can be sensitive, so you should try to keep their leaves dry, and cut the leaves which are coming into contact with the ground, as these will usually turn brown and die off.

You can use compost for your tomato plants as they tend to need a lot of nutrients, in addition to this you should add eggshells below each tomato plant. The tomato plants need a lot of calcium and the eggshells will provide them with calcium, this will make their root system a lot stronger. If you are planning to store your crops in the fridge, then check out my recent article Foods that last a long time in the fridge ( Top 14 ).


The lettuce plant will grow all year round, some people will grow it indoors to a point and then plant it in a garden. As with all leafy vegetables, you have to keep an eye out for dark spots on the leaves. In hotter climates, the lettuce leaves will get damaged by the sunshine, which will make dark spots on the leaves. You can avoid this by harvesting the lettuce a lot sooner, generally speaking, the smaller the plant is the more resistant they are to the constant sunshine.

You can drag out the lifespan of the lettuce by only cutting off a couple of leaves at a time and letting itself regenerate, and then you can repeat the cycle. If you want to make flour from some of your crops then check out my recent article How to store flour long term ( In 9 Easy Steps ).


Spinach can be grown almost anywhere, as long as the soil is suitable for it. The spinach plants need a well-drained soil, as they can get sick if it is constantly in the water. The best part about spinach is that it can be grown all year round, with relatively little maintenance. All you need to keep in mind is to water at the base of the plant and avoid watering the leaves. This plant loves direct sunlight, but if you find that it is starting to dry up then just increase the watering frequency.


The beetroot plant is fairly easy to grow and the best part about it is that it is resistant to cold. So if you are living in a colder environment then you should definitely add beetroot to your garden. This plant needs only a couple of weeks to grow to a full-sized beetroot at which point it is ready to harvest.


Some people grow radishes in a container while others plant them in their gardens. Their growing period is fairly short and they are extremely tough little plants. Radishes will need a well-drained soil, and the more nutrients the soil has the faster the radishes will grow. Keep in mind that once harvested the radishes do not have a long shelf life and they will go soft in a couple of days if you do not store them correctly. If you have expired canned food then you can still use them, for more information check out my recent article What to do with expired canned food ( Top 7 Options ).


Green beans tend to grow extremely fast, and they do not need a lot of maintenance. There are two types of green beans, bush, and pole beans. Bush beans tend to grow wide rather than tall and they produce more beans than pole beans do. Pole beans, on the other hand, will grow tall and they will need support, these tend to produce lower amounts of beans but due to their verticality, they are excellent for small gardens.


The kale plant is from the cabbage family, meaning it is a green leafy vegetable. They are relatively easy to grow although they do have a couple of pests that you should keep off them in order for the plants to thrive. The best part about growing kale is that you can harvest it even in its early stage and some people tend to harvest them at an early stage as they do have a lot more flavor at that point.

Summer Squash

Summer squash plants tend to grow relatively fast, no matter if you start them out from seed or from a starter plant. This plant needs a lot of nutrients and water as well, so make sure not to place them too close to other types of plants as they will starve out other plants.


In some areas growing sunflowers is extremely easy, this is one of those crops which grow fairly fast as long as you give it all the water and nutrients it needs. Some people will grow sunflowers because they look nice in a garden, while others will grow them to feed their animals or even to produce oil. You can easily grow sunflower plants from seeds, and you can even eat the small plants when they make their first couple of leaves, they have a nutty flavor.


The zucchini plant is a fairly off hands crop to grow, and it is ideal for beginner gardeners. The zucchini plant will need a lot of water, and you should cut off the leaves which are covering the fruit. The zucchini fruit needs direct sunshine to mature, otherwise, it will grow extremely large and its texture and taste will change dramatically.


Growing cucumbers is extremely easy, all you need is to offer them support as the cucumber plant is a vine. This plant is ideal for small gardens as well as they mostly will grow tall rather than wide. Cucumbers are a summer plant and they tend to be extremely sensitive to colder temperatures. Before you plant them make sure that the nighttime temperatures will not go below freezing as the frost will destroy the plants.


Potatoes are extremely nutritious and relatively easy to grow. In some areas, they tend to be extremely sensitive and will be affected by the potato blights so make sure to ask around if your area is good for growing potatoes. What most people aren’t telling you is that growing potatoes is a lot of work, and sometimes without any warning, your potato plants can die off in a matter of days. If you have sprouted potatoes, then do not throw them out, instead, check out my recent article What to do with sprouted potatoes? ( Top 8 Uses ).


Most gardens will have at least a couple of strawberries, these are extremely easy to grow and they tend to grow relatively fast. If you are a complete beginner then you should use starter plants as growing them from seeds is not that easy.

Winter Squash

The winter squash is relatively easy to grow, all they need is plenty of water and sunshine in order to thrive. The best part about winter squash is that it can be grown in colder climates as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to protect them from rodents, so if you have mice or rats in your garden then you should definitely get rid of them before you plant the squash.

Bell Peppers

Bell papers are one of the most common garden crops alongside tomatoes, beginners and advanced gardeners as well tend to grow them. Bell pepper plants need as much direct sunlight as possible, and they tend to be extremely sensitive to low temperatures, so make sure that the nighttime temperatures are not that cold when you are planting them.


The okra plant needs a lot of water and sunshine, generally speaking, this plant will only grow in hot climates. Once the plant gets big enough to start producing seed pods, it will produce a lot of them, and most people will harvest the pods every day.


Even if you are not a big fan of peas, you still should grow them as they are an extremely healthy crop. Growing peas is fairly easy, and most gardens do include a couple of peas. Some people only grow them in containers, although they tend to do just fine given if you plant them in the ground. Make sure that the plant gets plenty of sunshine and water, this way it will grow extremely fast.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are jam-packed with vitamin C and other nutrients, although not everybody loves them as they tend to be fairly hot. Chili peppers are easy to grow, as long as you give them support and place them in an area where they get plenty of sunshine. The plant will grow fruit until the first frost comes, after which the plant will simply die off.

Spring Onions

Spring onions will grow extremely fast, and if you only use their leaves then the plant will grow leaves until the first frost. Spring onions are excellent companion crops for a lot of different types of crops as most bugs do not like the smell of the onion plants.


Carrots are extremely easy to grow but a lot of beginners tend to grow deformed carrots. The problem with carrots is that they do need a well-drained soil in order to thrive. If the soil is not well-drained then your carrots will look deformed and rather small. The best part about growing carrots is that they are extremely resistant to frost which makes them ideal to be grown in colder climates.

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the easiest crops to grow include lettuce, radishes, and green beans. These crops are known for their fast growth and low maintenance requirements.
  • Leafy greens like lettuce can be grown in containers or garden beds and require minimal space and care. They can be harvested as baby greens or left to mature for full-sized leaves.
  • Radishes are quick-growing root vegetables that can be sown directly in the soil. They have a short growing season and can be harvested within a few weeks. They are also resilient and can tolerate various growing conditions.
  • Radishes are quick-growing root vegetables that can be sown directly in the soil. They have a short growing season and can be harvesGreen beans, specifically bush beans, are easy to grow and produce a generous harvest. They are suitable for both small gardens and containers. Regular harvesting encourages continuous production throughout the growing season.ted within a few weeks. They are also resilient and can tolerate various growing conditions.