Gifts For Preppers ( Top 26 Best Gifts )

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If you have a loved one who is a prepper or a survivalist then you will have a fairly easy time buying gifts for them no matter what the occasion is. The main thing to keep in mind when buying gifts for a prepper or survivalist is that the gifts have to be useful for them. The best thing about buying gifts for preppers is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to impress your loved ones, you will have no problem finding a gift no matter what your budget is.

If the person to who you are buying the gift is close to you then you should think of an item which he or she will often use. Something as simple as a bushcraft knife will be often used by preppers and survivalists alike, and they will usually keep the bushcraft knife on them almost constantly. If you want to step it up a bit then you could also engrave the item with a quote or a message to your loved one.

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You do not have to go and buy a generator for a prepper as a gift, oftentimes the smallest objects will have the biggest impact if you add some love to them. One of the best gifts from my wife was a compass medallion that has our picture on it. If I remember correctly I got that gift more than 10 years ago and I am still wearing it, every time I look at the compass I see our picture, and in the middle of nowhere, that is priceless.

When deciding what kind of gift you will buy you have to think about what kind of prepper or survivalist your loved one is. Some preppers tend to have everything they need, but an extra knife, flint, or even a bug out bag can come in handy. If you want to take a look at the best premade bug out bags then check out my recent article Best premade bug out bag ( Top 21 ).

Gifts For Preppers

When it comes to finding gifts for preppers, it’s important to consider their preparedness needs and interests. Practical and versatile items are always appreciated. Consider gifting items such as multi-purpose tools, portable water filters, solar-powered chargers, emergency food kits, compact first aid kits, fire starters, durable backpacks, and camping gear. Books on survival skills, self-sufficiency, and disaster preparedness can also be valuable resources.

Additionally, consider items that promote self-defense, such as pepper spray or personal alarms. Remember, preppers value practicality and functionality, so look for items that can be useful in various emergency scenarios.

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1. Bushcraft Knife

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By far one of the best gifts for a prepper or a survivalist is a bushcraft knife, as they will be using it almost constantly and a good bushcraft knife will last for decades. When buying a bushcraft knife you should know that the knife has to be a fixed blade and if possible the blade should be made out of carbon steel as this is extremely strong and doesn’t rust. The one which I linked above has also a fire starter incorporated into the sheath.

2. Water Filter Straw

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Water filter straws can be an excellent gift as they are extremely useful. These straw filters will filter out bacteria and protozoa from the water, most preppers and survivalists will have such a filter in their bug-out bag although a new one can come in handy any time. The best part about these straw filters is that they are fairly cheap, and you can take them to an engraving place and have a quote engraved on them for fairly cheap. If you want more information about lifestraws then check out my recent article Do Lifestraws work? ( Or do They? ).

3. Bug Out Bag

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Most preppers will have a bug out bag, some of them made the bug out bag themselves while others used a pre-packed bug out bag. If your loved one is new to prepping and he or she doesn’t have a bug-out bag then you could get a pre-packed bug-out bag that has everything that they need. On the other hand, if your loved one has already a bug-out bag then you could get a premium bug out bag as these tend to last a lot longer than pre-made bug-out bags. If you want to make a pantry with canned food then you should use a Mormon cannery as it is cheap and extremely high quality, for more information check out my recent article Mormon cannery ( Top 10 Things To Know ).

4. First Aid Kit

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First aid kits are especially important for survivalists and preppers alike, although hopefully they will not have to use them far too often but it is probably one of the most useful items which they can have. When buying a first aid kit as a gift you have to think about the size of the kit, the smaller it is the easier it will be to pack in their bug-out bag. You can also add family photos to the kit, this way you will make it more personal.

5. Survival Kit

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Survival kits will include, flashlights, knives, compasses, first aid kits, and so on in a small portable kit. These kits are especially useful for beginner preppers or survivalists as they include a lot of extremely useful things. You can find online both small and large survival kits, some of them even come with a premade bug out bag. The main reason why this is a very useful gift is that sooner or later they will use the items included in the kit. Survival kits can be a good gift for preppers, especially if they are planning to go to a desert island, if you want more information check out my recent article ( Top 10 ) Things to take on a desert island.

6. Fire Starter Kit

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Most preppers either already have a fire starter or are planning on getting one, so beat them to the race and get them as a gift for them. These fire starters are fairly small and you can easily put it on your keychain. A good Flint fire starter will last for an extremely long time. You could also engrave the handle of the fire starter, as the handle is mostly made out of wood, this way you personalize the gift.

7. Bow

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A bow can be an extremely useful item for preppers and survivalists as well. A bow can be used for hunting or even for self-defense. There are some high-end bows on the market, but these are meant for professional use, and they tend to be fairly expensive. On the other hand, you will find simple bows, which have a lot fewer parts that can break thus making them more durable. You can also engrave the bow for extra sentimental value.

One thing to keep in mind if you are buying a bow as a gift for your loved one is to know if they are right or left-handed, most bows will specify if they are made for right or left-handed people.

8. Ghillie Suit

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If your loved one also hunts often then you can surprise them with a ghillie suit, this is basically a camouflage suit. This is a nice gift although it will probably not be used that much. On the other hand, if you want some funny gift for your prepper friend or loved one then this is a good one. When it comes to personalization you can’t really personalize it, so you will have to think outside the box for a bit and come up with something interesting.

9. Hatchet

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A hatchet is an essential part of most preppers’ gear, and after the bushcraft knife, this will be their second most used item. A hatchet is extremely versatile and a good one will last for several years. You can also engrave a hatchet to give it a more personal feel.

10. Umbrella Hat

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If you want a funny gift for your prepper friend or loved one then get them an umbrella hat. These do the same job as a regular umbrella and you do not need to hold them in your hand as it can be placed on top of your head. Although not that useful for a prepper or for a survivalist it can still be a funny gift for them.

11. Survival Seeds

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If your loved one is preparing for a doomsday scenario then you can gift them survival seeds, and who knows these seeds might even grow your food one day. Most preppers do have at least a couple of varieties of seeds, and they tend to keep them for rainy days. These survival seeds have an extremely long shelf life of around 25 years. Although most preppers will just store them in a safe place, for peace of mind than anything else.

12. Tactical Shovel

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Tactical shovels are not your regular shovels, they have several functionalities, some can be turned into a hatchet, a knife, and even as a fire starter. These tactical shovels are extra durable and the manufacturers often give lifetime warranties. The best part about these shovels is that they are relatively lightweight and extremely compact. You can easily engrave these tactical shovels s they are mostly made out of metal.

13. Survival Book

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Books teaching about survival are extremely useful, and most preppers and survivalists already have a couple of these books. If you want to get a survival book as a gift for somebody then my personal recommendation is to get Bushcraft 101 as it has information about all aspects of survival in the wilderness.

14. Survival Tent

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Not all tents are good for preppers or survivalists, the main problem with tents is that the better they are the bigger and heavier they are. Most preppers would rather carry a small tent in their backpack than a heavy one. Survival tents tend to be extremely durable and easy to back. Some survival tents are so small when packed that they can fit in your palm fairly easily which is a big bonus in the eyes of preppers and survivalists.

15. Tactical Flashlight

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A good flashlight can be extremely valuable for preppers, this is why most of them use tactical flashlights rather than your everyday flashlights. When buying a tactical flashlight as a gift you have to look at the number of lumens, the higher the lumens are the more powerful the tactical flashlight is.

16. Power Generator

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Most preppers love having backup plans upon backup plans, and a lot of preppers are preparing for a massive long term power outage. A power generator in this case will be extremely useful, especially if you live in an area where natural disasters tend to happen fairly often. Although power generators are extremely useful for preppers, but as a gift, they are kind of expensive, so do not spend too much if you are living on a tight budget.

17. Solar Phone Charger

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Getting electricity in the middle of nowhere is impossible, if you are worried about your loved one not having the power to charge their phone then get them a solar phone charger as a gift. Most solar phone chargers are fairly high quality and they will last for several years. The best part about them is that all you need is the power of the sun to charge your phone, so your loved one has no more excuses for not having a battery even if he or she is in the middle of nowhere.

18. Emergency Food Supply

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Most preppers will have stockpiled some food for emergency situations, but some extra long shelf-life food will still be an excellent gift for any prepper. These emergency food supplies tend to have a fairly long shelf life, as long as you do not open them, some are made for one person while others are made for two or more persons. Most preppers will have an emergency food supply just in case something happens and they can’t get enough food. In case you are feeling extremely generous, you could gift them a bug out vehicle, for more information, check out my recent article Best bug out vehicle for EMP ( Top 26 ).

19. Hand-cranked Radio

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Radio is extremely important for preppers and survivalists alike, especially if they tend to spend a lot of time in the wilderness. Make sure to get one that has weather alerts, as this is for what most preppers and survivalists are using the radio. Some of these hand-cranked radios also have solar chargers, but for the most part, they can be hand-cranked which gives them enough power to function without a problem.

20. Solar Cooker

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If you live in a house then you should think of gifting your loved one a solar cooker, these work only with the power of the sun. They concentrate the sun’s rays on a specific area that heats up and cooks your meal. This is especially useful if you do not want to use firewood, gas, or other materials to create a fire, and currently, the power of the sun is for free, although who knows when they will think of taxing us for it.

21. Iron Pans

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Although most people do not think a lot about iron pans, but for preppers and survivalists these tend to be extremely useful. These pans are extremely good for outdoor usage, and they are extremely durable. The downside of these is that they tend to be fairly heavy. If you want to gift iron pans then make sure to get a kit that has several sizes.

22. Meals Ready To Eat

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Meals ready to eat are also called MREs, these are specially designed for military personnel, although a lot of preppers and survivalists also tend to use them. Some of these come with MRE reheaters which use a chemical reaction to heat up the meal. These meals are meant to be eaten fast, on the go and they tend to have a fairly long shelf life. You can gift them to your loved ones, who are inclined to prepping and survivalism.

23. Solar Generator

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Solar generators tend to be fairly expensive, and most of these generators do not come with solar panels included. This is kind of an expensive gift but if you have a lot of extra money then this is an extremely good gift for a prepper or a survivalist. This is especially useful if the person to whom you are gifting this item lives off the grid.

24. Portable Shower

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To have the ability to shower in the middle of nowhere is priceless, although not a lot of peppers or survivalists actually use them. Odds are that most of them do not actually know that they can use a portable shower. These showers are fairly lightweight and as long as you use them correctly they will last you a long time. Some of these portable showers also come with a portable shower cabin, which is basically a waterproof tent.

25. Night Vision Binoculars

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Not a lot of preppers do actually own night vision binoculars, mostly because their use is fairly situational and they tend to be expensive. If you have deep pockets then you can gift them night vision binoculars, although you should think twice about it if you are on a tight budget.

26. Vacuum Sealer

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This is one of those items which for the average person doesn’t mean much, but preppers tend to use them fairly often.  Most preppers will place a lot of their items in waterproof bags, and some of them will create their own waterproof bags with vacuum sealers. These are fairly cheap and as long as they are used as intended they will last for a long time. Especially useful for preppers who are stockpiling a lot of food.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider practical and useful gifts such as multi-tools, survival kits, or emergency supplies that can aid preppers in various situations.
  • Look for items that promote self-sufficiency, such as gardening tools, heirloom seeds, or solar-powered devices.
  • Think about educational resources and books on survival skills, self-defense, or sustainable living that can enhance a prepper’s knowledge and preparedness mindset.