How To Make Freeze Dried Raspberries ( In 4 Easy Steps )

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Discover the art of crafting freeze-dried raspberries and the creation of vibrant raspberry powder. Freeze-dried raspberries are a delightful standalone snack and can also be incorporated into recipes such as muffins. Additionally, harness the powdered form as a natural dye to enhance the appeal of frostings and various desserts.

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How To Make Freeze Dried Raspberries

Freeze-dried raspberry powder and whole berries are not prepared through traditional dehydration methods but are instead crafted using a specialized device known as a freeze dryer. This unique machine initiates the freezing process, followed by the activation of a vacuum. In a vacuum, liquid cannot exist, allowing the machine to effectively eliminate 99 percent of the water content.

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Step 1

Clean your raspberries meticulously, ensuring the removal of any residual stems, and allow them to air-dry.

Step 2

Arrange your freeze dryer trays with raspberries. While some overlap is acceptable, a single layer with minimal overlapping is ideal. Additionally, you have the option to puree the raspberries and freeze dry the puree. Be cautious not to exceed the recommended fruit quantity for your specific machine size.

Step 3

I suggest pre-freezing your raspberries in advance, typically overnight. Once they are adequately frozen, position the trays in the freeze dryer and initiate the machine. Choose the “frozen” setting and let the machine run its course.

Step 4

Once the freeze-drying process is complete, you can verify the moisture levels with a moisture meter. Extend the drying time if necessary. Afterward, you have the option to grind them into raspberry powder or store them as whole raspberries in Mylar bags.

Tips For Making Freeze Dried Raspberries

Ensure that the raspberries are thoroughly dry before placing them in the freeze dryer. Arrange the raspberries in a single, even layer on the trays without stacking them. Prior to storing in Mylar Bags or another airtight container, verify that the raspberries are completely dry; if uncertain, extend the drying time.

For short-term storage up to one year, consider using a mason jar instead of a Mylar bag, and always use oxygen absorbers. To optimize storage space, transform the raspberries into a powder, allowing for greater quantities in each Mylar bag or jar. If you want to know how to freeze dry bananas then check out my recent article How To Freeze Dry Bananas ( Fast & Easy ).

What Are Freeze Dried Raspberries?

Freeze-dried raspberries are transformed into crunchy, lightweight morsels. The freeze-drying process retains their natural color and shape, resembling fresh raspberries, but with all the moisture removed. In contrast to chewy dried raspberries, freeze-dried raspberries are exceptionally light and crisp.

Is Freeze Drying Raspberries Better Than Dehydrating?

Both freeze drying and dehydrating are techniques for extracting moisture from food, although they use distinct processes. The choice between the two methods depends on your preferences and requirements.

Dehydrated fruits and berries often have a chewier texture because some residual water remains in the berries. Personally, I appreciate the texture of most fruits and berries when dehydrated, as they tend to maintain some pliability. In contrast, freeze-dried fruits and berries typically have a crisper, drier consistency.

However, when it comes to long-term storage, freeze drying offers a significant advantage. Freeze-dried foods can be stored for up to 25 years, making them an excellent choice for extended preservation. In comparison, dehydrated foods typically have a shorter shelf life, lasting from a few months to a year.

How Long Do Freeze Dried Raspberries Last?

If you store freeze-dried fruit correctly in mylar bags along with an oxygen absorber, it can remain in excellent condition for as long as 25 years! To ensure proper storage, please refer to our guide on how to store freeze-dried food. Once your raspberries are ready, select the warm trays setting and then transfer them into a mylar bag, placing an oxygen absorber inside. Then, utilize an impulse sealer to securely seal the bag.

Alternatively, you can choose to store your freeze-dried raspberries or raspberry powder in a mason jar. In this case, their shelf life will extend to several weeks, as long as they remain free from any moisture. For even longer-lasting preservation, I recommend using a mason jar vacuum sealer attachment. If you want to know what foods have the longest shelf life then check out my recent article ( Top 37 ) Foods With Longest Shelf Life.

How To Make Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

To create raspberry powder for extended food storage or to use in recipes such as raspberry whipped cream, simply grind the raspberries using your food processor or even place them in a freezer bag and use a rolling pin. If you plan in advance to produce raspberry powder, you can blend the raspberries before the freeze-drying process. This approach conserves tray space and expedites the freeze-drying duration. If you want to know what are the best canned survival foods then check out my recent article ( Top 24 ) Canned Survival Foods.