How to siphon gas out of a newer car? ( Fast & Easy )

Knowing how to siphon gas from any kind of vehicle will be extremely important in any SHTF situation. Gas stations will not be always functional in case of a local SHTF scenario, so you would be better off knowing what your alternatives for fuel are and how to get them.

You can siphon gas out of a newer car by forcing open the butterfly valve with a nonconductive material, in such a way that the hose with which you will siphon out the gas fits in the gas tank. Additionally, you can also siphon out gas directly from the fuel rail, although you will need some basic mechanical and electrical knowledge to do it.

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There will be a time after a major SHTF event where you will have to be very resourceful to get fuel. Most prepper websites make reviews on tactical this and tactical that, I am pretty sure if we will wait for enough time they will come up with a tactical toilet paper, now that would be an interesting review. What most of these prepper websites tend to forget is that the fancy equipment doesn’t really matter if you do not have at least some basic survival skills.

The ability to get fuel after a major SHTF event is extremely important, in larger scale SHTF events you will not have the ability to buy fuel from anywhere. You might think that you could barter for additional fuel, but odds are there will be no rule of law and people once they realize this will think that it is a “free for all”, and they are not wrong. You could also store a lot of fuel in some well-ventilated part of your home, however sooner or later you will have to find additional fuel. I have recently written an article about Chances of surviving a nuclear war ( Do you feel lucky? ), although the chance of a nuclear war happening is fairly low if it happens the people who will survive will have to be extremely resourceful and this also includes having the ability to get gas from abandoned vehicles.

Siphoning gas out of a newer car is harder than you think, for older cars it is pretty easy, just put a hose in the gas tank and siphon it out. However you can not do this with modern cars, most of these have electronic locking mechanisms on the gas tank and they also have a rollover safety feature. The rollover safety feature is there to prevent gas from leaking after a crash, this is a good preventative system although it makes siphoning gas out of them a lot harder. Generally speaking, the best cars to siphon gas from are older cars built before 2010.

In case of an EMP blast, there will be thousands of cars abandoned on the road, as the electrical devices and sensors will be destroyed the vehicle will be no longer operational. The bright side is that all these cars contain more or less gas, all you have to do is to siphon it out. You probably will not be the only one to think of siphoning out gas from the abandoned cars, but most people will try to siphon it out the old way, which no longer works with modern cars.
If you have read my article Does an EMP effect batteries? ( Can they survive? ),  then you probably already know that some car batteries will also survive, most likely in older model cars.


How to siphon gas out of a newer car directly from the gas tank

Most modern cars have a butterfly valve on the gas tank, which means it only works one way, you can only put in fuel but the fuel will not come out. You can somewhat force this valve to open up and siphon out gas, but you have to be extra careful not to damage your car and most importantly not to ignite the fuel or the fuel fumes. When opening up the valve only use tools which can not make a spark, so no metal tools in any case. Make sure to not force the valve, if it is constantly pushing on the tool with which you are prying it open than it should be okay, but if all of a sudden it doesn’t apply any more pressure it means that the valve is probably broken.

How to siphon gas out of a car without a hose?

  1. Use a plastic or wooden tool to prie open the valve, make sure that the tool is wider than the hose with which you will siphon out the gas.
  2. Keep the tool in place and insert the hose.
  3. Apply some suction force to it and let gravity work for you, always place your gas canister lower than the height of the gas tank.
  4. Once you have siphoned out all the gas, remove the hose and the tool with which you pried open the valves.
  5. Make sure that the valve is fully closed after you are done with the job.


How to siphon gas out of a newer car the safest way

Alternatively, to just brute-forcing your way through the valve you can also let the actual car do it for you. However, there are some limitations to this process as you will either need the key to the car or have the knowledge on how to hotwire a car and some basic electrical knowledge. Some people might endure extreme survival situations, like running out of gas in the middle of nowhere during wintertime, if you have read my article How to heat a room with a candle? ( Fast & Easy ), you probably already know that you can also heat a car during winter with something as simple as a candle. What year cars can you siphon gas from? Basically you can siphon out gas from any car, but from cars made before 2010 is a lot easier.

Open the fuel rail

All cars have a fuel rail, usually, these are right above the injectors and all of them have a pressure release valve which is protected by a cap. This is similar to the pressure release valve to the tires, and you can use the same tools to get the cap off. Once you have screwed the cap off make sure to remove the valve, this is a small object so make sure you do not lose it, or else the car will not work after.

When you take out the valve you might hear a silent “tsss” this is normal as the valve is there to hold pressure, once it is removed there is no more pressure. If you have some mechanical siphon you could try to siphon out the gas, but odds are that you will not be able to do it, the same is for siphoning manually.


Remove the fuel pump relay 

Here comes the tinkering part, once you have found the fuel pump relay, generally these are either right under the dash or under the hood. Once you have found it, remove it and you will notice that the relay has several ports. Identify which is the negative and positive ports, these will be marked with symbols like “-” for negative and “+” for positive. Now all you have to do is to put a piece of wire back in the fuel pump fuse sucket from where you picked out the fuse in such a way that the wire goes in both of the negative and positive ports.

When you are doing this make sure that the car is not running as you might get electrocuted. Once the wire is in place this will allow the fuel pump to work properly, if you do not take out the fuse an replace it with the wire the car once started it will stop in a matter of seconds and you will not be able to siphon out any gas. If it is not working you have probably not placed the wire in the right slot and you probably have triggered the onboard CPU which will stop the fuel pump from working after a few seconds.


Start the fuel pump

All modern cars have a fuel pump, and this is what you are going to use to siphon out the gas. If you have set up the wire correctly than the fuel pump should also work as intended. Make sure that before you start the car is that you have already attached a hose to the fuel rail which leads into a gas canister. It is very important that this hose fits the fuel rail and it is not loose as once you start the car the fuel pump will start pumping fuel through the fuel rail and into your gas canister through the hose.


How to siphon out gas from one car to another?

For this method to work you have to make sure that the gas tank from which you are siphoning out the gas is on a higher elevation than the gas tank which you are feeling. Notice I did say gas tank and not the actual car should be on a higher elevation, as some cars have a higher center of gravity and their gas tanks are also on a higher elevation. SUV’s, in general, has one of the highest elevated gas tanks, so if you come across an SUV and you have a smaller car you should not have any problems siphoning gas from one car to another provided that the SUV has either no anti-siphon filter or you have the knowledge on you to open it.

In case you own an SUV and try to siphon out gas from a smaller car than it is very important that you actually position your SUV on a lower elevation, this way gravity will work for you and not against you. The anti siphon device on the gas tank of some cars will make this extremely difficult.

How to know if a car has an anti-siphon device or valve

Some might say that you need to look into the owner’s manual, but this is not viable in an SHTF scenario where you have to do the job quickly in order to not attract any looters.

Ball valve

If you open up the gas tank you will notice a ball where you fuel the tank. This is both a safety measure and an anti-siphon device,  generally speaking, you will have a hard time brute-forcing the ball valve in order to siphon out gas. In this case, you have to make the car work for you, just as I mentioned the method above. Do not waste your time trying to siphon out gas manually with a ball valve, the only way to do it manually is to bash in the ball valve and that takes a lot of force.

Butterfly valve

Some gas tanks use the butterfly valve, this is like a small door that lets the gas to come in but it doesn’t let it out. However, you can brute force your way through this with a nonconductive metal, as for how exactly to do it there is an in-depth description above. The ford anti-siphon valve, generally speaking is a butterfly valve, although some models have ball valves.

Word of caution

The above practices should only be used for your own vehicles, siphoning out gas from other people’s cars is theft and you will face serious jail time. The above practices should be only used in major SHTF events where there is no rule of law and the entire world could come to an end. Although people think differently about the severity of any SHTF event one thing is certain, once the situation stabilizes looters, criminals and thieves will be prosecuted.

In conclusion

Siphoning out gas from newer cars is a lot more difficult than you might expect. The knowledge on how to do it will be vital in any SHTF situation, you will never know when you have to get extra gas. Just keep in mind that siphoning out gas from other people’s cars is illegal and you will face serious jail time, so don’t be stupid.

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