How to get clean without a shower ( Top 10 Options )

We live in an extremely fast-paced world and you will not always be able to take a quick shower. In emergency situations it is not a good idea to neglect your hygiene, so even if you do not have access to a shower you should still clean yourself. Most people have a set routine, showing every day, especially if they have a busy day ahead, and this is normal. Nobody wants to be the person who smells no matter if it is during everyday life or in emergency situations.

You can get clean without a shower by using wet wipes, shower wipes, washing in the sink, washing with a bowl of water, washing with a water bottle, using baby powder, deodorant, cleaning yourself with body lotion, taking a bath, and by wearing clean clothes. Cleaning yourself without a shower is possible but not ideal, so make sure to take a shower once in a while if you have the possibility to do so.

By far one of the easiest ways to clean yourself without a shower is by using wet wipes, my personal recommendation is to use wet wipes which are made for babies as these tend to be of the highest quality Click here to check it out on

If you have watched some survival shows then you have noticed that they rarely show them clean themselves, although on occasion you will see them jump into a lake or river to clean themselves. Most of these survival shows have a lot of crew, and they usually only film at a certain location and during the night they sleep in a comfortable hotel where they can take a hot shower. Once you are starting to neglect your hygiene you will start making life hard for yourself.

Even if you do not have access to a shower yous till have plenty of options to clean yourself. The human skin has a lot of bacteria living on top of it, these bacteria will produce gas while they are feeding on your dead skin cells, and while they are multiplying. This is why most people start to smell once they are sweating, and the longer time they go without a shower the worse they will smell.

The good news is that with some imagination you can find several ways on how to clean yourself without a shower, for the most part, all you need is water. In addition to this, there are several cleaning products which are specially made, but I do not recommend them as they are not good at cleaning and for the most part they will just mask the odor. If you are wondering what your alternatives are for toilet paper then check out my recent article No toilet paper? ( Top 21 Alternatives ).

Clean yourself with wet wipes

By far one of the easiest ways to clean yourself without a shower is by using wet wipes. Wet wipes are also called baby wipes and a couple of years ago they were made for cleaning babies, although a lot of people are using them every day. Wet wipes are pre-soaked in a cleaning solution, and some of them also contain some sort of perfume and even a moisturizer. The best part about wet wipes is that you can carry them everywhere you go.

It only takes a couple of minutes to clean yourself with wet wipes, and after you have used the wipes you just throw them away. Just keep in mind not to flush down the wet wipes down the toilet as these are not flushable and they will clog your toilet sooner or later. If you want to know what an everyday carry bag should contain for women then check out my recent article EDC for Women ( Top 24 Items ).

Clean yourself with shower wipes

These are regular wet wipes but with one difference, they are fairly large and they are specially made to clean your entire body. There are a lot of brands that sell shower wipes so you have plenty of options. If you are a prepper then you should probably get a couple of these, just in case, you will not have access to water during an SHTF scenario. Keep in mind that these shower wipes are not flushable, as they will not dissolve in the water as toilet paper does and eventually they will clog up your toilet.

Washing in the sink

If you find yourself without access to a shower or for some reason your shower is not working then you can still use your sink to wash yourself. Just wash as you would under a shower, and make sure to lean above the sink this way you will not make the floor wet. The main idea with cleaning yourself in a sink is to scrub your body parts until they are clean with some water, believe it or not in a lot of parts of the world some people will clean themselves in a sink rather than with a shower.

Washing with a bowl of water

If you still have access to water then you can use a bowl of water to clean yourself. Find the biggest bowl you have and fill it with water, then place the bowl in the shower, step in it and wash yourself. The main reason why you should place the bowl of water in the shower is to have the spilled water go directly down the drain. Ideally, you should kneel down while you are washing yourself this way.

Washing with a water bottle

As long as you have a water bottle you can still clean yourself, just get in the shower and use the water bottle to clean yourself. If you do not have access to any water, just the water in your bottle then make sure not to spill a lot of the water into the shower drain. Even with a small amount of water, you will still be able to clean yourself. If you want to store water in milk jugs then read my recent article before you do so Is it safe to reuse milk jugs for water? ( Top 7 Things to Know ).

Using baby powder to clean yourself

Not a lot of people know this but baby powder can be a good choice if you do not have access to a shower. Baby powders are excellent for absorbing moisture and cleaning your body. Use the baby powder just like you would use soap, after that clean yourself with a paper towel or with toilet paper. You can clean yourself off with regular towels as well but you will have to wash your towel after you have used it.

Use deodorant to mask the smell

If you do not have access to a shower then you can at least make yourself smell better with a deodorant. Deodorants are not cleaning products and for the most part, they will only mask your body odor, but if you do not have access to water then you can use them. Some people will say that you should use perfume, don’t do this, the perfume will cover your body odor for a couple of hours and sooner or later you will smell like perfumed sweat.

Use body lotion to clean yourself

If you do not have any cleaning products nearby and you also do not have access to a shower then you can use body lotion. Generally speaking, most body lotions contain a lot of water, and you can use them just like a regular cleaning product. Clean yourself with body lotion and wipe yourself off with a paper towel or with toilet paper. Wiping off with regular towels is not ideal as body locations tend to be fairly greasy and they will make your towels dirty.

Make sure to wipe yourself off property, so your skin isn’t sticky anymore.

Take a bath

Although this is a no-brainer, as if you do not have a shower but you have a bathtub you can easily take a bath, but I still had to add it to this list. Showers tend to be more practical as you can take a shower fairly fast, but in some regions of the country, people tend to take frequent baths rather than showers, although this also depends on the local climate. In hotter climates, it is easier to take a cold shower, and in a cold climate taking a hot bath can be extremely good. If you want to know how to store water long term then check out my recent article How to store water long term ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

Wear clean clothes

Even if you are not able to clean yourself with water you can still look and smell clan by wearing clean clothes. Clean clothes will mask your body odor for some time, although they will not clean you but they will do a fairly good job in masking your body odor. There are some people who do not wash for some reason and they also wear the same old clothes every day, sooner or later their smell will be unbearable.

In conclusion

As you can see you have a couple of options on how to clean yourself if you do not have aces to a shower. Just keep in mind that no matter what kind of cleaning products you use, you will still have to shower from time to time. Most body cleaning products will need a lot of water to clean efficiently and if you use little to no water then they will mostly just mask your body odor.