EDC For Women ( Top 24 Items )

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Even if you are not a prepper or a survivalist, odds are that you still have an EDC bag or purse. EDC stands for Everyday Carry,  which basically means that you have everything you would need for everyday use, even in emergency situations. As a woman, you most likely have an EDC purse, which usually has your wallet, sunglasses, makeup, and so on. While these items are useful they lose any usability in an emergency situation.

Now I am not saying that you should pack a bug out bag and use it as an EDC, as you would carry way too much. You do not even have to prepare for a massive SHTF scenario, instead, you should include items in your EDC bag that you will actually use. Packing your EDC with a lot of stuff that you will most likely never use is not a good idea, at that point, you are just carrying extra weight.

By far one of the most important items in your EDC bag will be the RFID blocking wallet, my personal recommendation is to use one which looks just like a normal wallet for women Click here to check it out on Amazon.com

The most important thing which you as a woman should think about is the actual weight of the EDC bag. Every EDC bag will be different, as the needs of all women are different, and this is especially true if you are a single mom. Today’s world is extremely fast passed, and forgetting something as simple as charging your phone could be an emergency situation in some cases, so think ahead and prepare accordingly.

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It is also extremely important to pack your purse or bag in a smart way, the items which you use often should be on top, this way you can access them fairly easily. The location where you live will also determine the contents of your EDC bag, for example in the middle of the city you won’t need a fire starter, but if you live in a remote area it is a good thing to have. If you want to get a pre-made bug out bag then check out my recent article Best premade bug out bag ( Top 21 ).

EDC For Women

Everyday Carry (EDC) for women refers to the essential items that women carry with them on a daily basis to meet their practical needs and ensure their safety and well-being. While the specific items may vary depending on personal preferences and lifestyle, common EDC items for women often include a reliable and compact self-defense tool such as a pepper spray or personal alarm, a multi-functional pocket knife or tool, a small flashlight, a compact and versatile wallet or cardholder, a portable phone charger, a small notepad and pen for jotting down important information, and any necessary personal hygiene products.

Additionally, many women choose to include items such as a small first aid kit, a compact mirror, a hair tie or hair accessories, and any specific items relevant to their profession or hobbies. The goal of EDC for women is to be prepared for everyday situations and to have the tools and resources readily available to navigate through daily tasks and potential emergencies with confidence and convenience.

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Hidden cash

The first thing you will need to have in your EDC bag is hidden cash, this way if you can not use your credit or debit cards you can use your cash. In the worst-case situations like a mugging, you will still be left with your cash if it is hidden well enough. The problem is when your purse or EDC bag gets stolen, and in this case, it doesn’t really matter where you hide your cash in your purse. If you want to bury your money in your garden then check out my recent article How to bury money ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

RFID blocking wallet 

Criminals with RFID readers can easily steal the data from your credit or debit cards, and you will not even notice it. There are some extremely powerful RFID readers out there and they can read your cards in an instant and they can actually read all the data through your purse. This leads to getting your cards cloned and even to identity theft. The worst part about this is that you will only notice it later when you get your credit card statement.

If you use credit or debit cards then an RFID blocking wallet is a must, these will block any RFID readers and thus they will not be able to read your cards. If you live in a big city this is especially important.

Hidden document bag 

It is extremely important not to keep your cards, cash, and documents in the same place, this way if one of them is stolen you do not lose everything. Ideally, you should have a separate document bag, but you should never use an extra wallet for these. Wallets are the first things to go if you are getting mugged, so either hide your documents in a hidden space of your EDC bag or use a simple document bag. If you want to know what are the signs that you need to bug out then check out my recent article How to know when to bug out ( Top Signs ).


You most likely already have a smartphone in your EDC bag, just make sure that you find a spot for your phone in the EDC bag, this way you can reach it as fast as possible, without having to search around for it in your purse or EDC bag.

Phone chargers

Ideally, you should have two different phone chargers, a USB one that you can hook up in your car, office, and so on. In addition to this, you should also have a traditional phone charger that works by plugging it into the wall socket. The main reason why you should have two different kinds of phone chargers is that you never know when your battery will die on you and who knows what will be your options to charge your phone.

Hand crank phone charger

In case you do not have access to any electricity then you can still charge up your phone with a hand-cranked phone charger. These are small devices that you hook up to your phone and crank up so your phone will start to charge. Now you do not have to charge your phone with a hand crank phone charger to 100%, as it will take a long time, but a 10-20% battery is still better than nothing.

Duct tape

Something as simple as duct tape can be extremely useful no matter if you are in an emergency situation or not. You can fix so many things with duct tape, and you can even insulate your clothes if they have holes in them. If you want to know what are the different uses of duct tape then check out my recent article Preppers uses for duct tape ( Top 44 Uses ).

Face mask

In today’s world, you will need a couple of face masks in your EDC bag, no matter if you are a woman or not. Ideally, you should keep these in a zip lock bag this way they do not come in contact with water, if they do they will not work efficiently. Ideally, you should use N95 mask as these tend to be the best face masks.

Sanitary gloves

Just like with the facemask, sanitary gloves are a must-have item in an EDC bag. Who knows how the global “problem” will evolve in the future, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if there is no emergency you can still use these gloves to protect your nails.

Working gloves

Working gloves are heavy-duty gloves, as a woman you should get the smaller ones as these will most likely fit you better than the standard working gloves. These working gloves will be extremely useful in different emergency situations, like changing a tire, in a car accident, or whatever you have to do which includes manual labor.

Energy bars

Energy bars should be included in all EDC bags, these tend to be fairly small and they are jam-packed with sugar, carbs, and protein as well. Ideally, you should not store them for too long in your EDC bag as they will go bad. The best part about them is that you can eat them on the go.


Even if you are not preparing for any emergency situations it is still a good idea to have a flashlight in your EDC bag or purse. There are some tactical flashlights on the market which have several uses from self-defense to smashing windows, but you should at least have a simple flashlight.


Now you might think that for most people sunglasses are a vanity item, which for the most part it is true. Although sunglasses can be extremely useful, not only for protecting yourself from the sun but from dust as well. In addition to this, you can easily protect your identity as well.

Leak proof water bottle

Most women will have a water bottle in their EDC bag, standard bottles are fairly risky as they can easily leak especially if you are in a hurry and forgot to close it properly. As your EDC bag has several electronic devices and important documents the last thing you would want is to get water on them. This is why you should have a leak-proof water bottle, both for the extra safety of your valuables and for peace of mind.

Pepper spray

Something as simple as a prepper spray is a very good item for self-defense, just make sure that when you are using it that the wind isn’t blowing towards you. Pepper sprays tend to be fairly small and easy to use. Ideally, you should place the pepper spray in an easily accessible area, this way you can grab it in an instant.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes or wet wipes can come in handy even if you do not have an emergency situation, so make sure to add a couple to your EDC bag. If you do not have access to baby wipes then you can use alternatives to toilet paper, for more information check out my recent article No toilet paper? ( Top 21 Alternatives ).


Now you might think that a whistle isn’t that important, the truth is that a whistle can be an extremely good self-defense item. The high-pitched noise will alert other people and people will instinctively look at the area from where the sound is coming from. In addition to this, you can also use it as a signaling device in case you get lost in the middle of the wilderness.

First aid kit

First aid kits come in several sizes and with different items. You should get a small first aid kit, this will have everything you would need for small cuts and bruises. Make sure that the first aid kit actually fits in your EDC bag and you should pack it in the bottom of the bag as hopefully, you will rarely use it.

Hand sanitizer

In the current era, a hand sanitizer is a must-have item, luckily there are plenty of hand sanitizers to be found today so add at least one to your EDC bag.


It is a good idea to have a couple of tampons in your EDC bag as well, even if you know when your period is coming you should still have all the time a couple of tampons with you. Just pack the tampons in the first aid kit, this way they will not occupy a lot of space.

Trash bag

Trash bags can be used in a lot of scenarios, these can be even survival items in case of extreme cold as they are well insulating.


Even if you do not smoke, you should still have a lighter in your EDC bag, who knows when and for what you will need it.

Notebook with pen

Not a lot of people are using notebooks, as most of them rely on their smartphones. Although if your phone is low on battery then a notebook will be extremely useful. Usually, these notebooks also come with a pen included, so get one that does. Write down all the contact details for your cards, this way if they get stolen you can quickly notify the banks to cancel the cards.


Multi-tools have anything from screwdrivers, and can openers to sharp knives included. Most of them are made from stainless steel this way they do not rust. Even if you are not good at fixing stuff, you should still have a multi-tool in your EDC bag.

Key Takeaways

  • Select a bag that suits your style and needs, such as a purse, backpack, or crossbody bag. Ensure it has enough compartments and organization options to hold your essentials.
  • Consider carrying self-defense items like pepper spray, a personal alarm, or a small tactical flashlight. Make sure you are trained in their proper use and familiarize yourself with local laws regarding self-defense tools.
  • Keep important items in your EDC, such as a small first aid kit, a multitool, a portable phone charger, a notepad and pen, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, and any medications you may need. Customize your EDC based on your individual preferences and daily activities.