Preppers Uses For Duct Tape ( Top 44 Uses )

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Something as simple as duct tape might end up saving your life one day, every prepper should have duct tape in their bug out bag, no matter what kind of SHTF situation you are prepping. Most people do not think much about the humble duct tape, but with some imagination, this can turn into one of the most essential items for a prepper. Duct tape might be a simple item that can be used for a lot of things.

Most preppers who only focus on the latest gadgets are missing the point, a prepper has to be as self-sufficient as possible, and for the most part, preppers have to learn how to improvise. Something as simple as duct tape or paracord can be extremely versatile if you know how to think out of the box. With some improvisation, you can make a lot of repairs and builds with duct tape, in addition to this it is an extremely useful survival item as well.

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On the other hand, not all types of duct tape are good for preppers, there are some extremely low-quality duct tapes on the market that you should definitely avoid. The good news is that even high-quality duct tapes are fairly cheap and as a prepper, you should have several types of duct tapes. The type of duct tape which is good for you will depend on your local climate, as some of them do not work as intended in different climates.

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In a hot environment, some duct tape will have their glue come right off from the, and if the temperature difference between the day and night is fairly high then the duct tape will constantly shrink and expand, this will eventually ruin the duct tape. In this case, your best option is rubberized duct tape. On the other hand, if you live in a cold environment rubberized duct tape will not be as useful as it will actually freeze which lowers its effectiveness, and in some cases, it can be completely useless. Duct tape is one of those overlooked survival items, if you want to know the other ones then check out my recent article ( Top 44 ) Overlooked Survival Items.

Preppers Uses For Duct Tape

Duct tape is a versatile and essential tool in a prepper’s arsenal due to its numerous uses and durability. It can be used for various purposes, including temporary repairs, sealing air and water leaks, securing items together, creating makeshift shelters or tarps, and even medical applications such as splinting or bandaging. Its strong adhesive properties and flexibility make it suitable for a wide range of tasks in emergency situations or survival scenarios.

Whether it’s patching up gear, constructing makeshift tools, or securing supplies, preppers rely on duct tape as a reliable and multipurpose resource that can help solve problems and increase their chances of survival in challenging circumstances.

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1. Bandages

In most survival situations you will at least get some cuts and bruises, some serious but for the most part, these will be not life-threatening. Something as simple as duct tape can easily be used as a bandage, the best part about it is that it will not constantly slide around like regular bandages, and it is excellent for butterfly bandages. Do note that duct tapes are not a substitute for bandages, and most wounds will need air to heal, and with duct tape bandage, the wounds will not be able to breathe. Improvisation is an integral part of survival, if you like survival movies then check out my recent article Best survival movies ( Top 18 )

2. Repairs

For the most part as a prepper, you will use duct tape to fix various items, as long as the items are cleaned before you apply the duct tape then the duct tape will last a long time if you have done the repairs well.

3. Building a shelter

As a prepper, you will sooner or later build a shelter, although if you know what you are doing you will not need any duct tape. But in certain situations, duct tape can be extremely useful when building a shelter. Generally speaking, a lot of beginner preppers will use duct tape in addition to paracord for building a shelter, but veteran preppers will also use them for building a shelter from time to time. You can even use duct tape to cool off a room, for more information check out my recent article How to keep a room cool that faces the sun? ( In 10 Steps ).

4. Building a boat

Building a boat with duct tape is possible, Mythbusters have actually built a functioning boat out of duct tape. Although you will need a lot of duct tape to be able to build a boat, but it is good to know that you can. As for how viable it is to build a boat out of duct tape will be in an SHTF situation, that depends.

5. Sealing ammo boxes

Now you probably didn’t know this but duct tape was specially designed back in the 40′ to seal ammo boxes. Although the first types of duct tape were a lot thicker than modern-day duct tape but both of them do a good job at sealing ammo boxes.

6. Support for glasses

You have probably seen this in some older shows, and I am also using this method. Place a piece of duct tape on your nose where your glasses are touching your nose, this way your glasses will not slide off your nose. Especially useful if you have to work for long hours and you also tend to sweat a lot.

7. Repairing glasses

If you have glasses then you probably know how fragile these can be, especially the middle section. If for some reason your glasses break in two then you can use duct tape to put them together. Duct tape is an extremely important item in any EDC, for more information check out my recent article EDC for Women ( Top 24 Items ).

8. Fixing leaking tent

A leaking tent can be extremely problematic in an SHTF situation especially if the outside temperatures are fairly low. Identify where the leak is coming from, and from the outside just place a piece of duct tape on it. If you want to be extra careful you can also place duct tape both on the outside and on the inside of the tent.

9. Making a rope

You can fairly easily make a simple rope out of duct tape, just start twisting the duct tape, and sooner or later it will have the utility of a rope. Just do note that rubberized duct tape is not good for making rope out of it.

10. Clothesline

You can easily make a clothesline with duct tape, the process is exactly the same as you would make the rope from duct tape, by twisting it.

11. Stealth flashlight

If you do not want your flashlight to give away your location but you still want some light then just stick a piece of duct tape on the lens of your flashlight.

12. Flytrap

If you live in the South then you know how annoying flies can be, get a strip o duct tape and place a drop of honey on it, this will attract the flies and they will get stuck to the duct tape.

13. Mosquito trap

Mosquitoes can be extremely annoying, get a small light and place duct tape on it with the sticky side pointing outside, the mosquitoes will be attracted to the light, and once they land they will stick to the duct tape.

14. Plugging leaks

If you have a small boat or canoe then duct tape can easily plug small leaks, although for the best results, you should use wide duct tape.

15. Field stretcher

You can actually make an improvised field stretcher out of duct tape, all you need is two strong twigs and connect them with duct tape in such a way that a person can fit on the stretcher. The more duct tape you use the stronger the stretcher will be.

16. Repairing your vehicle

If you know how to repair your vehicle then you have probably already used duct tape for some of the repairs.

17. Remove splinters

Removing splinters with duct tape is extremely easy, just place the duct tape on the area where the splinters are and pull it off fast, and you will notice that most splinters will come out.

18. Bond surfaces

The best part about duct tape is that it will stick virtually to anything, as long as the items are clean and not wet. If you have a metal bar and you want to connect a piece of wood to it then you can easily do it with duct tape and the bond will last for a long time.

19. Sling

If you have a  broken arm then you can easily make a simple sling out of duct tape, this way you do not force your arm too much.

20. Flagging tape

If you are constantly wandering around in the wilderness then using flagging tape is a good idea, if you do not have flagging tape you can use duct tape, just stick the duct tape to the side of a tree at eye level in such a way that you can easily see it.

21. Covering blisters

As a prepper, you will probably do a lot of walking or hiking, if you are unlucky and you get a blister on your foot then it will be fairly painful to walk around. Simply take a piece of duct tape and place it on the blister, this way the blister will not be in direct contact with your shoes and it will not hurt as much.

22. Wallet

With some creativity you can make a wallet with duct tape, just make sure that the sticky sides are not pointing outwards.

23. Sleeping mask

Now do not go and duct tape your head, take two pieces of duct tape and stick them together in such a way that they are not sticking on the outside, place it on your eyes, and there you go.

24. Getting dirt off a mattress

If you have ever bought a mattress then you have most likely seen a couple of footprints on it, some people will try to clean it with water, but this only makes the problem worse. Simply get a piece of duct tape and stick it on the area which you want to clean, and just strip off the dirt.

25. Hammock

You can actually make a hammock out of duct tape, even if you do not have some rope you can still do it as all you need is two sticks and some creativity.

26. Arrow fletching

Arrow fletching is when you place the feathers on the arrow for added stability, if you do not have feathers then you can use duct tape, it is a little bit heavier than feathers but not by much.

27. Axe sheath

Keeping the cutting edge of your axe as sharp as possible is extremely important, most of them come with a sheath but in case you lose it you can make an axe sheath with duct tape.

28. Fix a water bottle

Plastic bottles can get punctured fairly easily, in this case just use duct tape to seal the hole.

29. Waterproofing your home

If you live in a flood-prone area then you can use duct tape to seal the small openings of your garage door, doors, and windows, this way no water will leak inside your house.

30. Camouflage

Place the duct tape with the sticky side up and throw some leaves on it, these will stick to it extremely easily and you can put the duct tape on your clothes.

31. Spear

Just grab a stick and duct tape your knife to it, and there you go you have made a spear. A spear can be extremely useful on a desert island, for more information check out my recent article ( Top 10 ) Things to take on a desert island.

32. Firestarter

If you do not have kindling then you can use duct tape as a fire starter, usually, duct tape will burn for a couple of minutes which is enough for your firewood to catch on fire.

33. Tourniquet

In case you have injured yourself and you need a tourniquet then you can make one out of duct tape fairly easily.

34. Signaling device

Non-rubberized duct tapes have a shiny surface, just stick it in a rock or on a white object and you will be able to reflect light fairly easily.

35. Removing the ring off the finger

In certain emergency situations, you need to remove your ring, although this is easier said than done. With some imagination, you can remove your ring off your finger by using duct tape.

36. Waterproofing your socks

If you are located in a humid environment then sooner or later you will get your feet wet, although most people think that this isn’t a big problem but in a survival situation it can be a massive problem. Put on your socks and use duct tape to make them waterproof.

37. Improvised lights

If you have ever gone camping then you probably know how pitch black can get once the night time comes. If you need to make some light and you also need both of your hands free then you can duct tape your flashlight to a nearby tree, or even on your shoulder.

38. Plucking feathers

Even store-bought chicken has small feathers, you can use duct tape to remove feathers from store-bought or freshly slaughtered chickens.

39. Wrist brace

If you have injured your wrist and you have to keep it in a neutral position and not force it then you can use duct tape.

40. Reinforcing clothes

Most clothes will easily wear and tear in the wilderness or in a survival situation. You can reinforce these clothes with duct tape, simply put the duct tape on areas where the clothes will most likely be damaged like elbows, shoulders, and knees.

41. Belt

As a prepper you should definitely need a belt, if you don’t have one then you can make one out of duct tape.

42. Handcuffs

In case somebody breaks in your house you have to handcuff them somehow if you have immobilized them, just grab a roll of duct tape and it will do the job.

43. Car cup holder

Take the roll of duct tape and stick its end on the dashboard, the actual roll of duct tape will be your cup holder.

44. Shue laces

In case your shoes are too large or your shoelaces have been cut then you can use duct tape, just stick and roll it on the outside of your shoe and there you go.

Key Takeaways

  • Duct tape is a versatile tool that preppers can use for a variety of purposes in emergency situations.
  • It can be used for temporary repairs, such as patching up tents, tarps, or clothing.
  • Duct tape can also be used to secure and reinforce items, create improvised shelters, seal containers, or make makeshift tools and equipment. Its adhesive strength and durability make it valuable in many survival scenarios.