( Top 44 ) Overlooked Survival Items

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There are a lot of overlooked survival items, and odds are that for the most part, you didn’t even think about them. The problem with a lot of survival items is that you will only notice that they are missing when it is way too late, and at that time you will either have to improvise or simply learn to manage without these survival items. Most people make a long list of their survival items before heading into the wilderness or into some remote area.

If you have a fairly large family then odds are that you will forget some of the items, even with a list in your hand it is easy to get distracted and skip a couple of the items. For the most part, if you forget something like aluminum foil then it won’t be a big disaster, but if you forget something as vital as a map or a compass then the consequences could be massive. Especially if you only notice that these items are missing while you are in the middle of nowhere without any cell phone reception and no internet.

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As a general rule of thumb, you should always take a second or even a third look at your list of survival items, although you will most likely not need all of them but odds are that you will be a lot safer having them. You probably know all about the basics of survival like water, food, first aid kit, etc but it has been found that during disasters even the hardcore survivalists can overlook things. I will list several items that you may have overlooked buying or probably thought were not important.

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This list is comprehensive and for everything on this list that you already have, give yourself a pat on the back. It is a good idea to buy some of these items before a recession as their price will go up during a recession, for more information check out my recent article What to buy before a recession ( Top 14 Items ).

Overlooked Survival Items

When it comes to survival preparedness, it’s crucial to consider not only the obvious necessities but also some often overlooked items that can make a significant difference in challenging situations. One often overlooked category is personal hygiene and sanitation supplies, including soap, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and hand sanitizer. These items help maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs, which is crucial during emergencies. Another overlooked item is a reliable multi-tool or Swiss Army knife, which can serve multiple purposes such as cutting, opening cans, and repairing equipment.

Additionally, having a good quality sewing kit with needles, threads, and patches can be invaluable for repairing clothing and gear. Finally, don’t forget to include a sturdy and reliable tarp, which can provide shelter, protect your belongings, and serve as a makeshift ground cover.

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1. Maps

Most people rely on google maps for information but a paper map never stops working especially in areas where there is no reasonable connection. If you are in a survival situation your odds will improve significantly if you know the survival rule of 3, for more information check out my recent article Survival rule of 3 ( Step by Step Guide ).

2. Games

Playing cards, crossword puzzles, jigsaws, board games, and other common types of games that do not require a lot of energy can be a great way of passing the time and a source of joy especially for those who have children.

3. Glasses

If you wear glasses make sure you have a backup and some repair kits to repair them if they get damaged.

4. Instant coffee

For those who love coffee like me, the lack of coffee can easily drive one crazy especially if your coffee pot won’t turn on, by having instant coffee you will reduce the stress.

5. Paper plates

This is an excellent substitute for dishes especially if there is a water shortage since you don’t have to wash them.

6. Glow sticks

This will be ur alternative light source especially when there is a power shortage, you can easily use these to find your way in a dark room.

7. Hand sanitizers

In today’s world hand sanitizers are a must no matter if you go into the middle of nowhere or to a crowded mall, to stay germ-free without having access to running water,  hand sanitizers are a fast and efficient alternative.

8. Goggles

It is advisable to carry safety goggles both safety and water goggles as you never know what might happen.

9. Pencil and paper

These are some of the times that one will remember in their lives and also tell the stories to their grandchildren so a pen and pencil plus your journal will do you a great favor.

10. Candy

Candy is a great morale booster under challenging times so having them will be beneficial to your well being physically and psychologically.

11. Pots

It will be easier for you to grow a few plants and flowers in a pot instead of growing them directly in the ground.

12. Pet supplies

Always remember to carry enough supplies that will sustain your pets for a reasonable amount of time, the amount should be based on the type of pets and the amount of food they need per day. If you are wondering for how long can a dog survive in the wild then check out my recent article Can dogs survive in the wild? ( For how long? ).

13. Plastic sheeting

These are very helpful in collecting water, repairing leaks, keeping out contaminants, etc.

14. Slingshots

This is an easy way to kill a small animal for food.

15. Shoelaces

These have several uses and remember that in a disaster you will not be able to get new ones.

16. Shut off wrench

This is very important especially if you use gas power since a broken gas line is very dangerous.

17. Powdered juice mix

You will need this, especially for those that are quickly bored with drinking room temperature water.

18. Powdered butter and eggs

It is surprising that many recipes require butter or eggs, these foods are difficult to store for an extended period so try to carry the powdered variety.

19. Songbooks

With acoustic instruments, songbooks are essential for entertainment and morale-boosting.

20. Tarps

These will help you keep your items dry and provide shade.

21. Survival books

You will need survival books to act as a reference and as a guide in various situations. Most professional survivalists do carry a survival book with them no matter where they go, if you want to know which one of them is using survival books then check out my recent article ( Top 24 ) Famous survivalists.

22. Umbrellas

Make sure you have a good and functioning umbrella for yourself and several others in your family.

23. Ziplock bags

These are great for keeping your things safe, dry, and well organized.

24. Wind up clocks

By having these you will not have to waste batteries.

25. Vehicle escape tools

If you get involved in a severe vehicle accident these vehicle escape tools will help you cut through the seat belt and break the glass if you can not open them. In addition to vehicle escape tools, you should also add a gas siphon so that you can siphon gas out from your car, for more information check out my recent article How to siphon gas out of a newer car? ( In 5 Easy Steps ).

26. Whistles

These are great tools that can be lifesavers if one is in danger or connect people if they are lost.

27. Yard bags

Ensure that you have some heavy-duty bags for all the trash that accumulates during the emergency period.

28. Acoustic instruments

They will help you entertain yourself and also boost your morale.

29. Aluminum foil

This is very helpful in a wide variety of things like boiling water, cooking food, enhancing antenna, keeping the sunlight out, and other uses.

30. Baby wipes

This is an easy way to keep everything clean.

31. Playing balls

Different kinds of playing balls are one of the most effective ways of getting rid of boredom and keeping up your morale high in bad times.

32. Bicycle gear

If gasoline is in short supply you might need your bike to travel around and this means that you will need some bike gears like the pump.

33. Booklights

It is complicated to read by candlelight and you don’t want to drain your flashlights for those who like reading booklights are cheap and some are even solar-powered.

34. Car chargers

It is very dangerous to get stuck somewhere with a dead phone so it is always advisable for one to carry car chargers because you might find yourself in places where there is no electricity. If possible hold a backup battery in case your car won’t start.

35. Books

After the SHTF, you may be surprised by the amount of free time that you will have and this might be the best moment to read some books.

36. Calendars

You will always have to track the dates in case the power is out for a long time and carrying a calendar will be very beneficial.

37. Bug sprays

After any disaster, there is always a sanitation challenge especially if there is insufficient water as this attracts more roaches and other critters.

38. Cloth diapers

Other than their regular use you can also use them for cleaning due to their absorbent nature.

39. Condiments

Most people are accustomed to eating their meals with condiments and for most of us eating without condiments can be too dull.

40. Cloth liens and pins

In this set up your dryer will be a waste of space and without your washing machine, it will be difficult keeping your clothes clean.

41. Earplugs

These are accommodating and can be used when hunting with firearms but they also help you sleep better at night.

42. Floss

This is more important than your toothbrush when it comes to dental hygiene.

43. Doorstop alarms

These will help you since looters and burglars taking advantage of the chaos cannot get into your house without you being alerted.

44. Duct Tape

This is a must-have for any prepper due to its numerous ways of usage.

Key Takeaways

  • Invest in versatile tools like a Swiss Army knife or a multi-tool that can serve various functions such as cutting, opening cans, screwdriving, and more.
  • This versatile adhesive tape can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as repairing gear, creating makeshift shelters, securing items, and even medical purposes.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of personal hygiene in survival situations. Pack items like soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, and menstrual products to maintain cleanliness and prevent potential health issues.