List Of Post Apocalyptic Jobs ( Top 22 Jobs & Skills )

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Even in a post-apocalyptic scenario, people will still have to rely on each other in order to survive and rebuild. There are a lot of jobs that will be extremely important after an apocalypse, and people who have the relevant skills will be at the center of their communities. The problem with the current job market is that most jobs will be gone after an apocalyptic scenario, people who do not have any kind of survival skills or other skills to contribute to the community will struggle.

Currently, our civilization is relying on technology more than ever, while this is good at the moment as we tend to progress extremely fast but after a post-apocalyptic scenario we will not be able to rely on technology at the same scale as we are doing it now. Some would even say that our technology is both our biggest strength and our biggest weakness. Throughout our history, we have relied on certain individuals with specific skills.

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The same skills which were extremely important a thousand years ago will still be valuable even after an apocalypse. Only in the past 40-50 years, there have been a lot of new jobs created which simply didn’t exist 50 years ago and we were able to do this due to our modern technology. Currently, our technology is progressing at such a fast pace that most children who are at school right now will work in jobs that do not exist in the present.

Individuals which have the necessary skills will be valuable members of a community in case of an apocalyptic event, and generally speaking, highly skilled people will be on top of the hierarchy. If you are new to prepping then I highly recommend you to check out my recent article How to start prepping in 12 Steps ( Prepping for Beginners ).

List Of Post Apocalyptic Jobs

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In a post-apocalyptic world, traditional jobs as we know them may no longer exist, but new roles and skills will emerge as people strive to rebuild and survive. Some potential post-apocalyptic jobs could include scavengers who search for valuable resources and supplies, farmers and food producers to sustain communities, mechanics and engineers to repair and maintain essential equipment and infrastructure, medical professionals to provide healthcare and first aid, security personnel to protect communities from threats, teachers and educators to pass on knowledge and skills, and artisans and craftsmen to create essential items.

Additionally, leadership and organizational roles will be crucial for establishing and maintaining order. Adaptability, resourcefulness, and the ability to learn and acquire new skills will be valuable traits in a post-apocalyptic job market, where survival and community building are the primary objectives.

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1. Doctors

Probably one of the most important jobs after an apocalypse will be health-related,  people who are doctors today will have no problem integrating into a new community after an apocalyptic event. Becoming a doctor is not an easy task and most people specialize in different fields of medicine. It doesn’t even matter what kind of doctor you are, if somebody is injured then you will have to heal them.

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, small cuts and bruises can lead to infections, and if the local hospitals are not working then people will have to manage somehow, and this is why doctors will be a vital part of any post-apocalyptic community.

2. Military personnel

Military jobs will also be extremely important in a post-apocalyptic setting, people who are in the military know how to follow orders and they are highly disciplined and reliable. After a global SHTF scenario, every man will have to fend for himself for a while, but once communities will form, people from the military will definitely have a vital role in maintaining the security of the community. People who work in the military are often trained in survival and in strategies on how to overcome the odds, these skills will be priceless after a post-apocalyptic scenario.

3. Farmers

After the apocalypse, a lot of people will scavenge, but sooner or later they will have to start growing their crops. Although everybody can grow some crops but not all of them can make it as efficient and as reliable as possible. Farmers who have plenty of experience will know what to grow, when to plant, and how much they need to grow in order to feed the entire community. Most people who do not have experience in growing crops will have a lot of difficulty growing anything in their first year. If you want to know what are the easiest crops to grow then check out my recent article Easiest crops to grow ( Top 20 ).

4. Hunters

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, people will still need to get meat, and in case of a famine, even vegans will start eating meat. A lot of people think that hunting is easy, the truth is that there is a big difference between a good hunter and a bad hunter, and in a post-apocalyptic scenario this could mean that there is no dinner on the table today.

5. Trappers

Most post-apocalyptic communities will not want to rely on a single source of food, they will hunt, fish, grow crops, and even trap. The more food sources a community has the higher their chances of survival will be. Most people who have stockpiles will start rationing food, for more information check out my recent article How to ration food ( In 6 Easy Steps ).

6. Fisherman

Communities wich are near lakes, rivers, or the coast will have a lot easier time surviving and even thriving if they have a couple of fishermen. A single fisherman who has the equipment which he needs will have no problem catching plenty of fish to feed several people. Some communities will also set up small fish farms that the fisherman will maintain.

7. Well diggers

The skill of digging a well by hand is extremely valuable, although there are a lot of companies specializing in digging wells but the problem is that they are all relying on modern technology to do so. On the other hand, there are people in poorer areas who do actually know how to dig a well by using only their sweat and hands. After a post-apocalypse scenario water will be a valuable commodity to have, and having a well in a community will be priceless. In a post-apocalyptic setting water will be a precious commodity, and if you can keep the water fresh and clean that will be extremely beneficial, for more information check out my recent article How to keep water fresh in a storage tank? ( Top 10 Ways ).

8. Engineers

Engineers will also be vital for rebuilding after an apocalyptic scenario, although most engineers are using specialized software to calculate different measurements and simulate scenarios for their projects, but they still have the knowledge to calculate them with a pen and paper. Depending on what actually caused the apocalypse, a lot of the modern engineering wonders will start to decay, and maintaining strategic locations like bridges will be vital.

9. Teachers

Even in a post-apocalyptic scenario people should not neglect the education of their children. Once communities will pop up they will start teaching their children as well, although not all teachers will be able to teach but this depends on what they are specialized in. Art teachers, music teachers, and so on will probably learn new skills in order to teach, as at that point the survival of the community will be the most important. Math, science, and other practical teachers will have no problem finding their place after an apocalypse.

10. Historians

If we do not know our past we will repeat the mistakes we have made in the past. This is why it is extremely important to teach history as is, and not to deny or even alter our history. A lot of historians have in-depth knowledge of our past, and some of them know how people managed to survive thousands of years ago, which will be extremely useful after a global SHTF event. In addition to this historians will also be able to teach.

11. Tailors

Currently, there are plenty of clothes in the world to fulfill the needs of everybody, even after an apocalyptic event most people will have no problem finding clothes for themselves. although after a while most clothes will simply rot away and somebody will have to take up the role of a tailor. Tailors had a vital part in societies hundreds of years ago, and they will also be extremely useful after the apocalypse.

12. Shue makers

After a massive global SHTF scenario, most people will have to travel on foot, the problem is that most shoes today are made to look nice and to be comfortable. Most modern shoes are not made to be used every day and especially to walk on rugged terrain. Shue makers will either modify or make new shoes from scratch, they will have plenty of materials to work with even after an apocalypse.

13. Blacksmiths

The sad truth is that there are fewer and fewer blacksmiths in the world, mostly because they simply can not compete with mass production. However, there are still some highly skilled blacksmiths who specialize in making different items. Back in the middle ages blacksmiths were extremely important, most kings also relied on them, and they will have no problem finding their place in society after the apocalypse.

14. Beekeepers

Beekeepers will have a job even after the apocalypse, as they will provide their community with honey and wax. In a world where sugar and other sweeteners will be extremely hard to find or produce, most communities will rely on beekeepers. In addition to this beekeepers will also provide the wax which will be used by the candle makers.

15. Candlemakers

Without a reliable source of light and energy, most communities will have to rely on light made by candles. Although there are a couple of candle makers who make them manually today, but the good news is that making candles can be easily learned.

16. Compost makers

If you have ever made your own compost and grown some food with it then you know how big of a difference good compost can make when it comes to growing crops. Making compost is a lot of work and there are a lot of things that you have to consider, this is why people who know how to make compost will be extremely valuable.

17. Construction workers

People who are construction workers have the necessary skills to fix and build new structures, usually, they will rely on the help of an engineer for bigger projects but for smaller ones, they can manage themselves. Anybody who has a background in construction will have a place in a post-apocalyptic society.

18. Gunsmiths

Even after the apocalypse, there will be millions of guns, and somebody will have to maintain and repair them. As the years go by after the apocalypse, fewer and fewer guns will be functioning correctly, and this is why gunsmiths will be vital. In addition to this, there are a lot of highly skilled gunsmiths who can actually build a gun from scratch.

19. Bowyers

Bowyers are people who know how to make bows and arrows as well. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, not all communities will be able to rely on weapons to hunt and defend themselves. Some communities will be better off if they have a bowyer with them, this single person will increase the chances of survival of the entire community or group.

20. Potters

Although we have plenty of different types of dishes today, but some communities will have to rely on the skills of a potter. With some skill, a potter can make plenty of clay pots, which should last the local community a long time.

21. Laundry washers

Most people will not have a relevant job to fulfill the needs of a post-apocalyptic community, and if they are not able to learn a new skill then they will be assigned an easy job that can be made by anybody. Generally speaking, laundry washers used to be at the bottom of the hierarchy hundreds of years ago, and this will be the same case after the apocalypse as well.

22. Leaders

Although this is not an actual job, but there are some people who can get others to do what they want, and in a post-apocalyptic scenario, this will be extremely important. Politicians, CEO, and leaders will be at the top of the hierarchy, but only if they can prove to the community that they know what they are doing. Some CEOs are extremely good at maximizing productivity, and they will be able to use their skills even after the apocalypse.

On the other hand, there are plenty of CEOs who run their companies into the ground or try to exploit their workers as much as they can, this will not end well for them after the apocalypse as a degree will be useless no matter what job you had previously. In case you are wondering what would happen if WW 3 would break out then check out my recent article What would happen if World War 3 started? ( Top 8 Predictions ).

Key Takeaways

  • In a post-apocalyptic scenario, certain skills and jobs will become valuable for survival and rebuilding society.
  • Some essential post-apocalyptic jobs include farmers and gardeners for food production, doctors and healthcare professionals for medical care, and engineers and builders for infrastructure development and repairs.
  • Other important roles may include hunters and gatherers, security personnel, mechanics, water treatment specialists, and renewable energy technicians. Adaptability, resourcefulness, and practical skills will be highly valued in a post-apocalyptic world.