Pole shift effects on humans ( Top 16 Effects )

Everybody is flipping out about an imminent pole shift, humanity has already survived a couple of them which happened hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, we rely on technology today more than ever which will probably be destroyed in case of a sudden pole shift.

The pole shift effects on humans are weakened magnetic field, oceanic floods, earthquakes, supervolcanoes, destruction of the power grid, accelerated global warming, mass extinctions, trade disruption, no global communications, political unrest, massive unemployment, stock market crash, devaluation of the currency, social unrest, war and the rise of the local militias.

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Magnetic pole reversals did already occur several times during earth’s history, one of these events happens once in approximately 350 thousand years. Humanity has already witnessed a few of these events during different stages of our human evolution. The last magnetic pole reversal happened around 780 thousand years ago, and as one of these events occur usually once every 350 thousand years we can expect a magnetic pole reversal scenario anytime.

While scientists are not exactly sure what causes a magnetic pole reversal most agree that its main cause could be the molten iron core in the center of the planet. It is a little known fact that earth has actually two North poles, the geographic north pole, and the magnetic north pole. In the case of a magnetic pole reversal, the geographic north pole will remain the same and the magnetic north pole will flip and will be positioned in the south pole.

Believe it or not, but the pole shift is happening now, scientists have observed that the magnetic north pole is slowly traveling south, trough Canada. It is estimated that the magnetic north pole is traveling with around 25 miles per year, you might think this is slow but every year its speed is increasing. Once it arrives around the equator the speed of which it travels would increase significantly. Most scientists agree that a total pole shift will take around 100 years, you might think that humanity will have enough time to prepare for such an event but the magnetic pole reversal is more dangerous as you might think.

Some people when imagining a magnetic pole reversal imagine that the entire planet will flip upside down. Just like when you place a ball in the water and due to the waves the balls spin around, but this idea is false. The idea of the entire planet flipping around on its own axes is highly unlikely, like the example mentioned above with the ball in the water, the ball will spin because it has 2 forces acting upon it, the waves and gravity.

This scenario is highly unlikely it would happen although some scientists do claim otherwise, the main reason why it can not happen is that Earth is in space, which is a vacuum and the only gravitational effects one earth is too weak to have a major impact on Earths axis. The closest celestial object is the Moon which does have a gravitational pull on the planet mainly in the form of tides that are caused by the Moon. The magnetic pole reversal effects on humans will be noticeable as we all rely on the magnetic poles for navigation and communication on a large scale.



Weakened magnetic field

Currently, the earth’s magnetic field is protecting us from harmful solar radiation and storms, without the magnetic field, the solar storms would destroy the ozone layer which in turn protects us from ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Basically, without the magnetic field, the earth could end up looking like Mars, although in case of a magnetic pole shift eath would not lose its magnetic field, it will only weaken it. During the process of a total magnetic pole reversal which could last around 100 years, the magnetic field would be extremely weak and it couldn’t protect us from all the solar radiation. In my recent article How to protect yourself from solar flares ( Cheap & Easy ), I show you how you can protect your electronics and vehicles against the EMP which solar flares produce.

Preparing for a scenario as a magnetic pole shift would be extremely hard for humanity, as the weakened magnetic field could not protect us from solar flares which means that electronic devices and the power grid would be disabled almost entirely. Humanity will have to relearn how to get by without using any electronic devices, according to scientists 90% of people will die in the first year without electricity.

Oceanic floods

The magnetic pole shift effects on weather will start with massive floods. Oceanic floods are one of the most catastrophic events that will happen during the magnetic pole shift. Once the magnetic power of earth becomes less powerful it will create several low and high magnetic power zones, these will affect not only the oceans but also the tectonic plates. Scientists claim that most coastal regions will be flooded while others will gain coastal land, as for which one of these events will happen in any particular place is unknown as the actual movement of the pole shift ones it hits a certain point will be unpredictable.

Most probably mega-tsunamis will flood each of the continents and it is still unknown if these waters will recede in their original locations or will form new seas and oceans. People on the east coast of the USA have started noticing several anomalies in regards to tides, most often people notice that the water recedes way back then it has previously done so.


The magnetic core of the planet also affects the tectonic plates, these will be probably the early warning signs in addition to floods. These earthquakes will be small in scale in the beginning, as the pole shift unfolds they will be more and more powerful and scientists do not exclude a super earthquake or even several of them. The most affected area will be the ring of fire which is in the Pacific ocean hugging the coastlines of North America, South America, China, Russian and Australia.

The movement of the tectonic plates not only causes earthquakes and tsunamis but also volcanoes, even today without the pole shift most active volcanoes are found in the ring of fire.


The last short pole shift event is called the Laschamp Event, which caused a supervolcano located in France. The Laschamp Event happened of around 40 thousand years ago and the magnetic pole reversal took around 440 years to complete. Scientists have found that during the transitional period of the pole shift that the earth’s magnetic field was anything from 75-95% weaker than the magnetic field today.

After a pole shift, a supervolcano could be the final blow for most of humanity. A supervolcano would spill out so much ash that it could block the sun for years which will cause most crops to die. Not only this vulcanic winter would kill most of the crops and living creatures but it will also contaminate freshwater with rains containing sulphuric acid. Now imagine a scenario where humanity has to survive in a volcanic winter and exposure of radiation from the sun due to the weakened magnetic field.

Destruction of the power grid

Power grids are the lifeline of our modern society, without it, we would have difficulty to survive. Humanity has thrived even without modern electronics for millennia, the problem is that most people today are so reliant on the power grid that they could not survive without it. Not only people are relying on the power grid to survive but so do governments, without the power grid a government collapse is inevitable.

Accelerated global warming

As the earth is devastated by floods, tsunamis, volcanoes, and massive earthquakes the carbon reservoirs in the bottom of the oceans may be suddenly released. At best this will speed up global warming, at its worst in big enough concentration carbon monoxide could kill almost every living creature on earth. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous as it is colorless and odorless, once a person notices something is wrong it might be too late.

Mass extinctions

Most animals navigate using the earth’s magnetic north, and as this will be upside down most migrating animals will get lost. Animals rely on their instincts and even if they know they are not where they should be they will still follow the magnetic north. In addition to this as earth’s magnetic field becomes weaker and is unable to protect the earth’s flora from harmful ultraviolet light, as most plants will die so will the herbivores feeding on them and so will the predators feeding on the herbivores.

Trade disruption

Navigation relies almost exclusively on the magnetic north pole and not the geographical pole. This is why your compass always points towards the north, but once you are getting closer and closer to the north pole the compass will start flipping out. Although thought the year’s humanity has learned not only to navigate using a compass but also using the stars, however navigating by the stars is not always viable as you would be traveling blind while the clouds are hiding the stars.

We have all heard of the stories happening in the Bermuda Triangle, the actual cause is unknown but scientists tend to agree that the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes could be due to a magnetic anomaly. In case of planes deviating from the target by only a couple of degrees could end up in disaster, your destination might be Florida but you end up in the middle of the ocean and it is only a matter of time before you run out of fuel.

No global communications

As the earth’s magnetic field is becoming weaker it would not be able to protect satellites in orbit. This means that global communications will be down, and this is just the start of the pole shift. Countries without knowledge of the pole shift event or simply just not believing it would most probably consider an all wipe of their communication as an attack and this could end up in a disaster.

Although coordinating an attack would probably be impossible without modern communications and navigation. While in the early stages of the pole shift communication devices will be affected but the power grid would be still functional for the most part. This might not sound so bad but the world would go silent till the pole shift completes, and if humanity still has the knowledge of how to rebuild

Political unrest

As all politicians in their search for power would blame anybody just to keep their power. As the pole shift is unfolding and it is starting to affect our day to day lives politicians will try to keep the public calm so that they keep going to work. During this time more and more laws will be passed on protecting the infrastructure and the population safe during the pole shift, although most of these laws will be only made to keep a more firm grip on the population as politicians scramble in thinking of methods of keeping people at bay once the communications go down.

Massive unemployment

Satellites will be the first affected by a pole shift, as the magnetic field is weakened and unable to protect the satellites from the sun’s solar winds and radiations. It is only a matter of time until communications drop off on a global scale. You might think that you will not be affected as you do not work in the communications industry, but the hard truth is that everybody will be affected. We live in a global economy, once communications brake down on a global scale trade will be almost impossible at least not on the scale of today.

While companies will lose their business overnight there would be no need to keep their workers.

Stock market crash

Due to limited communications transferring money and stocks will be impossible, this means that the influx of money coming into wall street will stop as soon as the satellites go down. After the stock market crashes come the imminent loss of jobs and even civil unrest. The last economic collapse which happened in 2008 was a drop in the puddle compared to this one, as in 2008 the US government bailed out sever too big to fail companies just so they keep people employed and have at least some financial stability. In my article How to prepare for economic collapse ( In 22 Steps ), I point out 22 tips on how to prepare for an economic collapse.

Devaluation of currency

There will be no bailouts this time, it will be impossible. Most of the money is in digital format, once you pay for something the money is transferred to different bank accounts and all of them rely on the internet. While some financial institutions will survive such as the Federal Reserve these will also vanish once people need cash and alternative valuable items to trade with rather than money which will be worthless. Most preppers know that in a major SHTF scenario the local currency will be worthless, however, gold and silver will still be valuable, in my article How much silver should a prepper have ( 222 OZ ) I address why so many preppers choose silver instead of gold and how much you should have.

Social unrest

Due to the lack of jobs and limited rule of law people will try and fend for themselves as best as they can. Once they realize that the government doesn’t have the ability to help them they will no longer obey the laws. Once this happens local governments will be extremely hard on clamping social unrest down, but this will be futile as most people can not rely on the government’s help for basic needs such as food and shelter.

Governments will try and keep their loyal subjects close to them and in most cases only helping these ones out instead of the entire population. Although the grasp on population is quickly fading away, most governments will try and keep their power until the last minute.


We all know the USA’s hunger for oil, no matter for what reason it comes up for invading a country it always has plenty of oil resources. Now imagine a scenario where scientists would identify a more magnetically stable area, where the harm to the power grid would be limited and the earth’s magnetic force is still powerful enough to shield from solar flares. Odds are that this land will be in a foreign country and there will be a lot of countries trying to occupy this piece of land.

Depending on when these safe places would be identified if global communications are still working so will military communications. This will be an all in war, as at its stake is the future of an entire nation, the one who can conquer it an protect it will have a much better chance of surviving than everybody else. While not all countries will have the ability to wage war to get to the safe zone, and some would rather see the safe zone burn than be in somebody else’s hands, this means a possible nuclear attack.

Rise of the local militias

Once people will realize that governments will not be able to provide for their basic needs some will take charge of the situation. While most people could not survive for a month on what they have in their fridge but there will be people who have prepared and have ample supplies of food and water. In order to protect their supplies, these smaller groups will probably band together for security, or consider each other as competition, in this case, they will most likely fight each other.


As the next pole shit will take around 100 years to complete once the grid goes down and the civil unrest has settled most survivors will try and adapt to this new world. People who have knowledge in tracking, hunting, fishing and living off the land will probably be the ones who survive. It will take a couple of years until people will accept that this is their faith and that they have to survive as best as they can.

During this time most of the governments are gone, but some will survive. The ones that will survive will be probably from third world countries where they could never rely on the local power grid due to the extreme poverty, as they had to manage without the power grid for decades this will become a normal thing for them once the entire world will be off the grid.

Pole shift effects on the physical body

During my research, I could not find any conclusive evidence that a pole shift will actually affect the human body. There is a lot of research done on how magnetic forces affect the human body but in the case of a pole shift which can cause high or low magnetic forces, there is still no conclusive evidence. All that I could find is hypothetical “evidence” in form of mommy blogs describing their chi’s, chakras, vibrations and being one with the universe, you know… pseudoscience presented as facts rather than fiction.

The truth is humanity during his evolution has survived several pole shifts and natural disasters that have followed them. Probably pole shifts will have no effects on the body directly, however indirectly they will have an effect on our well being due to our reliance on the power grid.

When will the pole shift happen?

It is not exactly known as when the pole shifts will happen, some scientists claim that it could happen in the next couple of thousand years, but others claim that it could even happen in our lifetime and the irreversible magnetic pole shift is already happening. When will the earth’s magnetic field flip? The magnetic poles tend to shift once around every 350 thousand years and the last one happened around 780 thousand years so we are long overdue to a pole shift.

Scientists still do not know why the last magnetic pole shift only happened 780 years ago and not recently. Humans in the past would have no problem surviving but today with our reliance on modern electronics things could get very dangerous for humanity. In the case of an EMP attack, solar mass coronal ejection, and pole shift one thing is certain that the power grid will be destroyed.

The big threat of a magnetic pole shift reversal is that this off-grid scenario would have a global effect and not a local one like in the case of an EMP or a solar flare. More optimistic scientists claim that the magnetic pole shift will take around 100 years to complete. In theory, humanity should have enough time to prepare, but as the speed of the pole shit ever increases this could be a losing battle.

In conclusion

The question is not if a poler shift does happen but when will it happen. Odds are that it has already started with the magnetic pole slowly traveling towards the south, but nobody knows when it has actually started. It is safe to say that humanity from a survival stand of point will be in trouble, not only we will have to face the natural disasters coming with a pole shift like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes and so on but we also have to re-learn how to live without any electricity for several decades if not more.

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