Why Preppers Invest In Silver? ( Top 7 Reasons )

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There are numerous reasons why you should invest in silver as a prepper but most importantly you should invest in silver due to its inherent value and physical nature. There is no point in buying silver from the stock market if you are a prepper as in an SHTF scenario this silver will be like it never has even existed. There is a saying, if you can’t hold it you don’t own it and as a  prepper, you should always keep this in mind.

Precious metals play a significant role in prepping as they serve as an insurance policy against broad economic crises, particularly when a country’s currency faces instability or devaluation. During times of economic turmoil or currency fluctuations, precious metals like gold and silver have historically retained their value and acted as a hedge against inflation. Preppers often view these metals as a store of wealth that can provide financial security and stability in the face of uncertain economic conditions. By investing in precious metals, preppers aim to safeguard their assets and ensure they have a tangible and universally recognized form of wealth that can withstand economic challenges.

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A lot of preppers go overboard with buying silver, although investing in silver will for the most part make you a nice profit but you should never go all in. Buy a couple of coins here and there, do not hoard silver coins, at the end of the day no matter what kind of SHTF situation is coming you might end up with a bunch of silver and with very little spare cash. During SHTF situations cash is also extremely important, have some emergency cash nearby, and not in a bank.

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Silver has a lot of uses, it can be both a nice investment and a lot of industries also use silver. There are several companies that buy old hardware with the single purpose of extracting precious metals from them, this is a good way to make a profit but it comes with a massive upfront investment. As a prepper, you should have several assets, like silver, cash, plenty of food, and ammunition, but you have to balance them out.

If you are living on a tight budget then investing in silver is not ideal, first, try to figure out some way of either lowering your cost of living or increasing your monthly income. Once you have a steady income and some surplus money as well only then think of investing a portion of that money into silver. Remember the most important thing which you can have in an SHTF situation is cash, and silver is mostly for prolonged SHTF situations like a recession or a full-blown economic collapse. If you are wondering how much silver a prepper should have then check out my recent article How much silver should a prepper have ( 222 OZ ).

Why Preppers Invest In Silver?

Preppers often choose to invest in silver for several reasons. Firstly, silver is seen as a tangible asset that holds intrinsic value and can act as a store of wealth during uncertain times. Its value tends to remain relatively stable, making it a reliable hedge against inflation and economic instability. Additionally, silver is a highly divisible and universally recognized form of currency, which can be beneficial in situations where traditional currencies lose value or become inaccessible. Furthermore, silver has practical uses beyond its monetary value, such as in industries like electronics, medical applications, and renewable energy.

This versatility adds to its long-term demand and potential for future value appreciation. Lastly, silver is relatively affordable and accessible compared to other precious metals, making it a more attainable option for preppers looking to diversify their portfolios. By investing in silver, preppers aim to protect their wealth, maintain purchasing power, and have a tangible asset that can be easily exchanged or utilized in times of need.

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Silver Has A Stable Value

Our debt-based monetary system must create more debt each and every year in excess of the debt and interest compared to the year before. The more debt money the bankers create the more profit they have, the more money debt the politicians spend the more power they have.

The elite will keep using the power of the printing press to maintain their power but ultimately this will only accelerate their demise. There is a mathematically inevitable end to this system as infinite money debt meets the world’s finite resources and ultimately the limits of human faith. The more money in debt chasing after fewer goods and services will cause inflation and ultimately people’s faith in the currency will fail worldwide.

It will become evident that the elite intends to print the currency into oblivion ruining the main function of money as a store value. When this happens people will throw their depreciating currency at any tangible asset they can get their hands on. Precious metals will be the main beneficiary of this. The frightening thing is that not just American citizens that will be affected by this global destruction of paper currency because this will be the first time in human history in which the entire world has become interconnected and dependent upon this FIAT money.

Stop thinking about another American Great Depression and start thinking about the dark ages.

When this current monetary order collapses so will millions if not billions of people as an era of unlimited money comes to an end. Think of the millions that are on food stamps that have no support system to carry them. Think about the billions of dollars in food subsidies ending, food riots, and skyrocketing food, and fuel prices globally.

Not your mortgage, not your car payments, taxes, tuition medical bills, or anything else but just the basic necessities like food and fuel. Most will not be able to make this transition and will probably die even before the wars, riots, and violence take over. This dramatic shift in life will also prevent people from having children during this turbulence. If you want to know how to store your silver then check out my recent article How to store silver safely ( In 10 Steps ).

Silver Is A Tangible Asset

Those that understand that there is a major shift out of paper assets into real assets inevitably start with a gut reaction to buying gold. The more I learned about silver the more I saw that it was the only investment for me as a prepper. When you truly understand the fundamentals behind silver you will see that it is simply the best investment out there. The main reason why I invest in physical silver is that it is a physical tangible asset.

When I say invest in silver I do not mean anything else but the real stuff in your hands, if you don’t hold it you don’t own it. Stay away from SLV, unallocated bullion accounts, and mining shares, and stick to the physical silver. I would hate for you to be right on silver and wrong in the form of silver. As I have stated above the dollar is mathematically going to collapse and it is the very basis for our entire world economy.

Without a functioning currency and the uncertainty, it brings credit grinds to a halt and so do the payment, markets, and eventually, the world economy will also grind to a halt. People panic and this always leads to war. This naturally leads investors to find value in real tangible assets like commodities. Commodities are real things that we use in our day-to-day life like pork, corn, cotton, oil, and steel. If you are wondering what kind of silver you should buy then check out my recent article Best silver for Preppers ( Top 5 ).

The problem with most commodities is storage, for a matter of fact, the two best asset classes to be in terms of real inflation-adjusted returns will be food and fuel. These are most essential to humanity and they are the hardest to live without. I strongly recommend people stock up on food, water, and fuel before they buy silver. You will need at least a month’s supply of food and water per person as a buffer for the massive global social upheaval we are going to go through with the collapse of the dollar.

The problem with investing in most food and fuel is storage issues. Most food will deteriorate and become worthless, also storage could be expensive because we are talking about some big dollars. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a grain silo or a fuel storage tank and unless you are a farmer or an oil baron this usually rules out many commodities for the average prepper.

For most metals storage is a big issue, $8k will buy you a ton of copper but just a couple of ounces of gold and this is why precious metals are sought after. Their rarity and their ability to store so much wealth in a small space. Although silver will be a very valuable asset after a major SHTF, there will be other high-demand items especially long-lasting canned foods, if you want an in-depth analysis of which canned foods are best for preppers, check out my article Longest lasting canned foods ( Up to 30+ years ).

Silver Has An Industrial Demand

First and foremost silver is being used as an industrial metal, next to oil silver is the second most widely used commodity ever as it has over 10 000 uses. As technology progresses and expands silver’s usefulness will expand even further, its unique characteristics are unlike any other commodity in the world.

  • It is the most reflective of all the metals
  • Good conductor of heat
  • Good conductor of electricity
  • Strongly resist corrosion and oxidation
  • Second most malleable and tactile next to gold
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

Silver is generally used in small quantities and its unique characteristics make it irreplaceable.

Silver Has An Investment Demand

This demand has almost been dead for the past generation of investors. This demand has a paper trader component to it that simply wants a horse to bet on, these investors want the silver price to be lower. What they really want is to get big swings in the market, these trade anywhere from 40 to 1000 paper ounces of silver for every real physical ounce in the market.

They usually take about 3% of the physical silver off the market when it is traded. This institutional demand is still in its early stages and seems content in the paper chase of the trade market. This is said to grow not only in acceptance but in a worldwide audience and finally in physical metal. Institutions seem to follow the leader and when it becomes apparent that silver is up 20% a year while the stock market is flat it won’t take long for the sharks to smell blood in the water and they will want more exposure to silver and other commodities.

At first, they will play the paper market but eventually, they will want the real thing. Foreign institutional investment demand is quite different than our institutional demand, they don’t seem to be interested in playing the paper chase and they want real physical silver. They seem intent on dumping dollars for real assets. The opening of the Hong Kong mercantile exchange is a good example of this, during the last bull run of silver in the 80s only Western nations participated in the market.

Since then there are 10-20 times more capital in the world and 50% more people living today, now all the world can participate in this silver bull run. China, India, and Russia are leading the charge to buy more and more precious metals. There are a lot of potentially useless dollars floating around the world and they want real tangible assets in return. This type of foreign institutional investment demands higher prices and has the potential for backing the final demand which will catapult silver into the stratosphere. If you want to bury your money then check out my recent article How to bury money ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

Silver Is Valuable To Private Investors

These investors typically want physical and only dabble in the paper trade market, they usually buy and hold and they differentiate themselves from the other demands that specifically want a higher price for their investment. They planning on dumping their paper assets and getting real physical assets outside of the paper chase. These investors are like ants, constantly taking food off the table and storing it for a rainy day.

This demand is joining the industrial demand and taking real physical metal off the market but unlike the industrial users, the investment demand of private investors strictly wants higher prices.

Silver Has A Monetary Demand

Silver has absolutely no monetary demand in the world, it is used in things and invested for protection against inflation and there are very few places where you can just buy things with it. I believe that with the mathematically inevitable collapse of the world currencies, this new monetary demand will push silver through the sky. Some countries or local communities will monetize silver and as history has shown money goes to where it is most appreciated.

“Paper is poverty. It is the ghost of money and not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson

I have seen bright and intelligent people fail to understand that the electronic digits on their computer screens are not real money. They always do get when they hold an ounce of gold or silver, it is a frightening aspect of our society that we have become so detached from real money that most of us can not even comprehend real money. Do yourself a favor this weekend and go to your local coin shop and just touch an ounce of gold or a big fat shiny bar of silver, then look at that paper in your wallet or worse the digits in your bank account and tell me honestly where would you rather invest for your future. The monetary demand is insatiable as no one can ever have too much money.

Silver Has An Inelastic Price

All commodities have a self-correcting price mechanism except for silver if a commodity’s price rise too high demand drops off as people seek substitutes or supply rises to meet the demand thus lowering the price. This mechanism does not exist for silver. Silver is typically used in very small quantities and high tech components and there is no substitute for it, this means that the manufacturer or customer will have to absorb any price increase.

Silver is starting to be used in clothing to reduce odors caused by bacteria, what is remarkable about it is that by weight silver only represents 1/40000th of the total weight of a shirt. When used in such small quantities silver’s price is almost irrelevant, over 20 million tons of polyester sportswear are produced every year and the textile industry consumes 1200 tons of silver annually.

Let us say for example the average computer contains 1/10th of an ounce of silver, that would mean that there is about $2.6 of silver in the computer. Now let us assume that the computer in question costs $1500 the cost of silver would be 10x times higher than an ounce of the same silver in that computer would be $260. Do you think that Apple is going to throw its arms up in the air and cry that they can no longer sell their computers just because silver is too expensive, they will simply raise the price of the computer and transfer the cost of the silver to the buyer.

It is not that just consumer products are at risk, it is the companies, industries, and nations are also at risk. Apple has a market cap of trillions and if a strategic commodity like silver starts having shortages its trillion-dollar empire is in danger. Companies will go into panic buying securing any amount of physical silver they can because their entire value-added business is dependent upon it.

They will not be buying SLVs or certificates of deposits, only the real physical silver will be good enough. Now you can see that rising prices will actually increase demand and not just the computer industry is relying upon silver but also the multi-billion dollar industries like energy, medical, and the military.

Key Takeaways

  • The reason why preppers invest in silver is that silver has a value based on scarcity which means that with time the price of silver will only go up. In addition to this, there is a big demand for silver both from an industrial stand of point and an investment stand of point which also drives the price of silver up with time. The main reason why most preppers invest in silver is that it offers security, as its value is not as volatile as of FIAT currencies.
  • Silver is often seen as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Preppers view it as a tangible asset that can retain its value and purchasing power over time.
  • In the event of a collapse or crisis, silver can be used as a medium of exchange. Its divisibility and recognized value make it a suitable currency alternative for conducting transactions.
  • Silver is relatively compact and easy to transport, making it a practical form of portable wealth. Preppers believe that having silver on hand provides a means of preserving wealth and acquiring essential goods and services in challenging times.